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Productivity Tips by Other Entrepreneurs

Productivity Tips… by Other Entrepreneurs

Are you as productive as you could be?
Looking for some new ideas on productivity?
Interested in finding 1 new tip?

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Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips…. can we possibly handle any more? After all, aren’t we trying to be more productive? Then why would you want to stop and read an article on productivity tips? Maybe, just maybe, there are some more productivity tips waiting for you to implement!

Discovering More Productivity Tips – You Just Need 1 Tip to Make a Difference!

Entrepreneurs, who are Business Leaders too, need to consistently be reviewing more productivity tips to support improving performance. Why? It’s easy to fall back into bad habits. Why else? As an entrepreneur you wear many hats and it’s easy to get lazy or sloppy with excellent productivity habits.

How do I know all this about productivity tips? It’s a very big part of my game! I’m always checking out how others are sharing the basics. I need to always be tweaking my personal productivity levels. Additionally, I need fresh ways to share this basics with my clients as well. One of the Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. differences is we focus not just on sharing the basics, but also giving you a fresh perspective on how to apply them. Afterall, the truth is in the application of any strategy!

Implement a new productivity tip, one at a time, until it becomes habit. Then, add another.

I found a great article from Fast Company to share. It was written by two entrepreneurs who are also moms. Talk about being productive and knowing how to optimize performance – ask any working parent and you will always learn a trick or two!

I encourage you to read this quick article: 10 Productivity Tips for the Overwhelmed Entrepreneur by Lara Galloway and Erin Baebler . It’s great and you’ve seen each one of these productivity tips scattered throughout the 500 blog posts I have here. Read it and please comment which one or two you have found beneficial when you implemented and which of the 10 productivity tips you need to apply more often.

Please feel free to comment or share how which one of the productivity tips will serve you well…


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p.s. Productivity tips is something that Maggie is always checking out… and you should too! Of course, implementing a new habit until it’s naturally occurring is when you notice your undeniable gain.


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  1. I like the list and will have to contemplate it more when I have time. (note: irony here). But I was distracted by the goofy ad that the site played in the middle of the article.

    BTW…like the tweaking of the blog format! Cool beans! Continue success to you and BB Inc.!

    Blake Cahoon

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