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7 key areas to better manage your growing business

7 key areas to better manage your growing business illustrated by a yellow number 7 painted with a paintbrush on black asphalt.
Do you know the 7 key areas to better manage your growing business? Learn more here!

7 key areas to better manage
your growing business

How do you manage your growing business?
Is your business growing?
Is your business flustering you?

There are many different approaches you can take to manage your growing business. Some will be more successful than others. Even at different times a growing business needs different types of attention and skillsets to succeed. Understanding the 7 key areas to better manage your growing business will favorably impact YOUR Business’s Profitability.

According to infoentrepreneurs.org, who adapted a guiding business article from the government of the United Kingdom, it says there are 7 key areas to pay attention to as you manage your growing business.

  1. Keeping up with the market
  2. Planning ahead
  3. Cash flow and financial management
  4. Problem solving
  5. The right systems
  6. Skills and attitudes
  7. Welcoming change

As I read through these 7 key areas I was amazed at the well defined and simplistic description of each area. I strongly encourage you to read AND print out a copy of this article. It will serve well as a guide.

Curious why I thought this was a valuable tool
to help you manage your growing business?

Good! It’s very important to pay attention right now. This information is highly sought after by Business Owners. They all want to know what to be considering to understand what they should be focusing on. Of course there is much more; however, these 7 key area will guide you well! What I especially appreciate is the wisdom shared of being willing to learn new skillsets, how your attitude will assist you greatly, and that you need to get assistance for specific tasks if you incapable of appropriately completing them.

Most Business Owners don’t know what to focus on first. Almost every Business Owner believes their business is unique. Yes, all businesses have particular nuances to them. Several years ago I heard Keith Klein say, “All businesses are the same. They need to bring in more cash than they are paying out.” I laughed at the simplicity of this. Of course, he’s correct!

Over the past dozen plus years of Business Coaching, I’ve noticed commonalities of Business Owners. Business Owners have such a big heart and want to share their solution with the world. Additionally, a majority of them don’t know how to create an effective business.  That’s the other reason why I strongly encourage you to print out the above article. If your business is failing, you need help before it buckles under the pressure. If it is successful, all the experts will assure you that your skills and capabilities that launched you successfully aren’t what you need for sustainable growth.

Next Step:

To effectively and efficiently manage your growing business you need to learn more about all the different aspects of business. Ask for help. Learn from Subject Matter Experts, who can shave weeks off your learning curve. I urge you to get the help you need before the need cripples you or YOUR Business’s Performance.

What topic would you like me to address to help you better manage your growing business? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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p.s. Learning from Subject Matter Experts is an investment. It saves you time and lost revenue.

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