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Learning from Subject Matter Experts improves your profit margin

Learning from Subject Matter Experts illustrated bu an image of a Japanese bullet train that is in station.
Learning from Subject Matter Experts is like riding a bullet train to Effectiveness-Land!

Learning from Subject Matter Experts
Improves YOUR Profit Margin

Learning from Subject Matter Experts isn’t a new concept at all; yet, many people tend to blow it off. Why? It’s clear that typically humans have an adversity to asking for help. Crazy isn’t it? We all need help! I assure you, YOUR Business Performance will improve when you begin learning from Subject Matter Experts instead of trying to figure it out on your own.  (And yes, I have learned this first hand.)

Why is it important to learn from Subject Matter Experts?

Subject Matter Experts (commonly referred to as SME or SMEs as plural) are professionals in their area of expertise. Backgrounds of SMEs could be someone with hands-on experience like a former supervisor of said expertise or someone who had currents and thorough knowledge in said expertise. Think of a SME as an authority in said expertise. Here’s a link to a fuller definition: http://www.igi-global.com/dictionary/subject-matter-expert-sme/28639.

SMEs know things you wouldn’t even consider thinking about. They know what to tell you to do and avoid. SMEs can streamline understanding the lingo until you’re familiar. They know how to do said task well and they even know when is the best time for you to do certain tasks.

The value of learning from Subject Matter Experts

Simply stated, SMEs shave hours, and possible days or weeks off your learning curve. Ultimately, SMEs will save you money because your learning time has been condensed. Mentally and emotionally, they will save you from the brink of insanity. SMEs are super-heroes! If you’ve ever allowed one of them to guide you through something, you already know they have super-human capabilities when it comes to their subject matter.

SMEs are amazing. They can hear a train wreck coming before you even see the train coming down the tracks. I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly the kind of guide I want on my team. It’s as if the SME is the bullet train of success and you’re the apprentice engineer – learning the ropes to guide YOUR Business to its destination.

Why you need to hire SMEs to train you and your team

The price of making errors is costly. Time and money will be saved by enrolling SMEs. Imagine less stress, frustration, and headaches. Imagine more time to work on attracting more customers. Imagine having someone to guide you and even laugh with you as you learn. Not only will it streamline your learning curve, you won’t be losing as much revenue any longer. That’s right, this investment will actually serve you well because you aren’t losing revenue any longer. That’s the big one! Everyone seems to forget about lost revenue.

Good news. You have options with SMEs. You can directly hire them into your business. Sometimes it may be appropriate to contract a SME for a temporary project or you may want to secure them as a Coach/Trainer. They help you gain traction in an area you haven’t been able to with your current skills and capabilities. With their assistance, you can swiftly lay new track where there wasn’t any prior.

Action Item for Learning from Subject Matter Experts:

  1. Quickly, without hesitation, write down 5 areas your business needs a SME to support better profitability.
  2. Which 3 are critical to your business’s success?
  3. Which 1 is the most urgent?
  4. Ask your peers who is the best SME for _______.
  5. Ask successful Business Owners who is the best SME for _______.
  6. Conduct an internet search to identify who is the best SME for _______.
  7. Then interview your  top 5 candidates to assist you.
  8. Hire one as a direct hire, contractor, or Coach/Trainer.
  9. Watch your business gain traction.
  10. Select your next project to hire a SME and repeat process.

Isn’t it time you get a handle on this?

Which area of YOUR Business will you be learning from Subject Matter Experts immediately? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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p.s. Learning from Subject Matter Experts is an investment. It saves you time, costs, and lost revenue.

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  1. I agree, Subject Matter Experts are the express train to wisdom, new knowledge and being able to leverage this new information to grow your business. While we are all experts in some area, we don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” to get a new breakthrough. By working with and learning from SMEs we get to mine the gold without having to pan for it.

    Another great post!

    Thank You!

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