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Business Calendars Aligning with YOUR Business Goals

Business Calendars illustrated by a tablet with 2016 calendar on it while it's placed a steel desktop. Red lettering asks: "Business Calendars: Aligned with YOUR Goals? " in dark red.
Effective Business Calendars can make or break a business’s success. What’s yours up to?

Business Calendars of Business Owners:
Does YOURS Fully Align with
YOUR Business Goals?

Business Calendars of Business Owners can be humorous and sometimes scary! As a Business Coach, I’ve seen a full spectrum of how Business Owners keep appointments and manage projects.

I usually encounter many Small Business Owners with ineffective calendaring. It doesn’t matter if calendars are digital or hard copy, they’re typically underutilized.

Business Calendars Aligning with YOUR Business Goals

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question on Business Calendars:
Does YOUR Business Calendar have activities which support YOUR Business Goals?

TIP: Every quarter business calendars need to be re-aligned by Business Owners. Why? To optimize Business Performance and self-manage YOUR Performance too!

Look at YOUR Calendar. Are the activities and appointments assisting you to reach your goals this year? Look at it objectively. Does it?

– Are you meeting the right people?
-Working on the appropriate marketing activities?
-Gaining training to improve your skills?
-Networking within the right groups?
-Showing up in new places to expand your network?
-Building in “cushion” between appointments?
-Servicing YOUR Customers as a priority?

All of this matters! Make time to align YOUR Activities with YOUR Goals. It will significantly impact YOUR Success. Click here for: 3 inspirational quotes on goal setting.

What did you notice when you reviewed YOUR Business Calendar?
Please ask questions or share what you noticed to the above question in the comments section. We’re here to help you Step-Up to accomplish YOUR Business Goals.


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Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

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p.s. Allow the 3 quotes on Goal Setting to guide setting YOUR Goals. Then align YOUR Business Calendar effectiveness today!

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