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Are your business frustrations putting your progress into a tailspin?

Moving beyond business frustrations

Today’s Small Business Owner has a fair amount of business frustrations. It doesn’t matter why they exist, they just do. What matters is what you do with them.

Your Business’s Success Rate is strongly impacted by how you respond, not react, to your frustrations. 

As a Master Business Coach & Trainer, I’ve heard plenty of frustrations from clients. I encounter them myself – more often than I prefer.

No one is immune to business frustrations.

The good news is you have a choice. You’re choice to move beyond your frustrations, or current circumstances, instead of perpetuating them, is essential. You have 2 options: you can respond or react. 

Responding to something is about you taking a pause to choose how you want to experience it next. Do you want to stay in the ugh of it, or move beyond it and get to your next wow? Another way to say this is: being mindful and creating more favorable outcomes.

Conversely, reacting to something is about going into action without thinking about what you intend to have as an outcome. Another way to say this is, being mindless and settling for what you get. 

Business Frustrations are our Teachers

Regular readers of this blog know one of my quotes is, “Slow down to accelerate.”~Maggie Mongan

When you are frustrated with what’s happening in your business, I urge you to “slow down to accelerate”. Why? When you do this, it automatically moves you beyond the reactive stage and puts you in a moment when you can choose to respond. This is where magic happens!

The magical moments are liberating – you have options to choose from. Then you can proceed with what you want to experience next.

Don’t over-complicate this! It’s a simple technique, which can deliver you from a tailspin – one after another, after another!

FYI: The bigger you are playing, the more business frustrations you’ll experience. 

Creating Quantum Leaps of Achievement

If you become a master at slowing down, you’ll find you can accomplish much more than others. It is a technique, that moves you to strategy, or outcome-based thinking.

Once you have your Right Thoughts, and you align them with Right Actions, you will support more favorable outcomes.

If this becomes your default way of being, you will make better business decisions and have better mental and emotional health. You will be able to navigate your way effectively and efficiently.

Eventually, you’ll have others ask you, “How do you do it? How do you keep so much going on? How do you stay happy?”

When we function from choices, we are positive and progressing. We extract wisdom and move out of our own way. Make a stand for your business’s success, and yours, by making some changes. 

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What one thing could you do to minimize your Business Frustrations? Feel free to share what’s going to give you great impact in the comment section.    

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