March 4


March Fourth Activities to March Forth for Businesses

March Fourth Activities Actively Support
Businesses to March Forth:
Onward and Outward!

Is there something you have been wanting to to do?
Are you ready to move forward on something right now?
Will you take advantage of today’s date?

March forth footprints in snow, which is golden toned.
Make tracks when you march forth on March 4th

March Fourth (March 4th) is the only day on the calendar which is actually a command! Isn’t this a cool factoid? One of my clients shared it with me recently. When he did, I started thinking about the different items on my overall To Do List. Some of the items require significant movement. While others just need incremental movement. Can you relate to this?

March 4th supports you

When I lived in Hawaii, 32 years ago, I gave birth to my, or our first son on March 3rd. Then, on March 4th I moved forth into actively being a Mommy. My whole world changed on the 3rd and the 4th I was fully living into the change! So when I heard that March 4th was about supporting us moving forth, it touched me in a very personal way. Unfortunately, I didn’t speak to the Birthday Boy yesterday. None the less, I wished him a happy birthday amidst all his other daily routines and special celebrations with friends. I always wondered: why birthdays gifts aren’t given to our moms? After all, they did all the work and we just simply arrived on the scene!

March Forth, Today!

The client who shared today’s secret power with me chose this day to support his business’s advancement. During our coaching session, we were discussing the importance of him creating another business entity and why it was important for him to do it sooner than later. Toward the end of that discussion, he blurted out, “I’m putting that on my calendar to take care of on March 4th.” Isn’t this intention for a business’s birthday really cool? I think so!

Then, I really started thinking about first quarter goals, second quarter goals, annual goals, and March 4th. It really had me spinning and discerning what I wanted to move on quickly and now.

What one thing could you start today that would move your “Success Needle” significantly?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a biggie or something incremental. Just start a new habit or complete something that’s been looming. Take a step and march forth to make your Success Needle move – today. (Click here to read last Friday’s posts with quotes to support your marching activities.)

How can you make your March 4th or march forth activity fun?

Celebrate whatever you choose to act upon today! We don’t celebrate our changes and successes often enough. (Click here to read more about Business Owners Celebrating Success.)

Hopefully you will take advantage of today and make it memorable as my one client is! I guess I need to get back to creating my march forward with a couple action steps to yet activate today. On Friday I will post about supporting new actions to help you stay in the marching forward movement. Cheers to your success!

Please feel free to comment on which march forth action you will take to improve greater profit and success for YOUR Business. 


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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p. s.: If you are looking for some great ideas on how to have breakthrough success by marching forth: Read this book review post of Steve Jobs’ book: The Innovatione Secrets of Steve Jobs.


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