This month the first quarter performance will wrap up
in less than 30 days, are you on track?

Are your sales numbers where they need to be right now?
Is your Q1 Revenue Action Plan on track?
Have you started defining Q2’s Action Plan?

Image of First Quarter 2015 Goals on a poster board
First Quarter Actions are Critical to Success

First Quarter (Q1) buzz is such a uplifting experience! The first quarter is hopeful. It’s fresh and exciting. Then April occurs and we find ourselves either enthusiastic or “behind the 8 Ball”. Today’s post is to support you to close out the first quarter with a sense of accomplishment for greater profit and success.

First Quarter Sales

I always find sales to be an interesting topic with Business Owners. Too often they don’t consider this urgent and critical to their mission. It is. Without sales, there is no business. It doesn’t matter how slick of a website you have, nor how many people love you, if you don’t have sales, you won’t be in business much longer!

Stuff happens in day to day business which side tracks us. We end up in all sorts of places and conversations we didn’t know we were going to encounter. Business interruptions and distractions are just part of business. (Click here if you want to know how to manage distractions to improve your profit and success.) Most business owners don’t like sales because they are still trying to pitch something. And we all know no one likes having a pitch thrown at them.

Have you ever thought of changing your sales approach to a sharing approach instead of a pitching approach? If you make this one change in your approach to your marketplace, you will see your sales improve! Of course, you will need to remember, that sharing still addresses: who YOUR Ideal Customer is, idenitfying their needs, and what gains they attain by purchasing your solutions. (Click here to see the 5 Sales Lessons you can learn from a Tomato Plant.) Don’t hesitate. Start setting up appointments to share this week and next so you can close out your first quarter successfully!

First Quarter Action Plan Progression

Is YOUR First Quarter Action Plan still being followed?

Or it may be better to ask if you have one. Action Plans are critical to success. Action Plans guide your actions. When you have an Action Plan for something, there should be no doubt of what you need to do next. I’ll write more on this next Monday. Action Plans support your goals by revealing how to actualize the goals through all the necessary steps. Regardless of how you measure: annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily, Action Plans support you behaviors (actions) to attain your goals.

Don’t hesitate taking actions for your current quarter’s success AND start planning your next quarter’s Action Plan. When you start creating a new Action Plan, you are creating your pathway to success. If you follow the wise guidance it offers, you will improve YOUR profit and success in a very powerful, peace-filled, and simplified manner.

Please feel free to comment on what you will change to close your First Quarter with greater profit and success for YOUR Business. 


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p.s. Click here to read more about sales: The Kingpin of YOUR Business.


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