October 24


5 Sales Lessons from the Tomato Plant

5 Sales Lessons from a tomato plant with tomato and blossom on it

5 Sales Lessons from… 
the Tomato Plant 

What can a tomato plant teach you about business?
Is your business blossoming?
During a slow time what sales lessons can you apply?

Sales lessons occur in many shapes and sizes. Heck, lessons for everything occur all around us! One of the most popular TV shows that emphasized this was “House”. House was a brilliant doctor who was the leader of an unique diagnostic team. He always found the key factor to his patient’s plight when he was doing anything but practicing medicine. I always watched to see how creative the writers were to keep him in character, while we found his genius doing obscure things. House’s genius showed up for me as a tomato plant the past couple of weeks!

Sales Lessons & Production from a Tomato Plant

I have had the coolest group of tomato plants this year! They just aren’t giving up for anything! It’s been frosting for several weeks now and we’ve even had several hard freezes and they are still producing. My husband and I are amazed at the sheer determination these tomato plants have to produce.

BIG QUESTION: What activities are you taking on to produce more – even against the odds?

It’s been colder than normal the past month where I live, the fine state of Wisconsin. Fact: plants are fueled during the day with nutrients: sun, water, soils, minerals, etc. and grow at night. (That’s why they say “you can hear the corn grown at night” in Iowa.)

With it being so cold in the evening, it’s a miracle that there is still new growth, new produce, and even new tender blossoms on our tomato plants. This just “shouldn’t be” according to all the facts. Yet, they have a will to live and continue to produce.

Is your business blossoming during this last quarter of the year?

Too often I hear and notice Business Leaders giving up on the end of the year far before it’s time. They get into a perspective of “No one will buy now because the Holidays are coming”. This isn’t accurate at all. It is an illusion and the easy way out!

Truth be told there’s money floating around all the time. It just boils down to if you want to do what you need to do to capture it as your own.

5 Sales Lessons From the Tomato Plant for Business Leaders

  1. Weather the elements – put yourself in the middle of your marketplace.
  2. Don’t let them tell you when you’re done – call your own shots.
  3. Keep doing the basics – even when it appears you shouldn’t.
  4. Continue rooting yourself where your planted – consistent networking and leads pay off.
  5. Accept your role of being a producer – don’t let others tell you when to quit.

Again, sales lessons are all around us. Are you noticing them as such?

I remember my Aunt Mary saying, “It’s amazing how each one of you kids (me and 6 siblings) have blossomed beautifully where ever you’ve chosen to plant yourselves”. She’s very correct!

I’m sure you would agree after learning these 5 sales lessons that it’s a very good thing we didn’t rotor-til our tomato plants yet! For now, I’m going to pay attention to the 5 Sales Lessons of the Tomato Plant and have fun seeing what can happen yet this year 🙂  Want to join me?

Please feel free to comment on any of the 5 Sales Lessons from the post or anything I shared!


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p. s. Brilliant Breakthroughs wants to recognize everyone who keeps showing up and never quits on producing results! Keep blossoming!


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  1. Thanks Maggie!

    I enjoyed reading the 5 lessons….. I can relate to and use all 5.
    The last one: Accept your role of being a producer, is especially meaningful to me.

    I have just started producing regular blog posts and I realized it has to be ME that does the writing.
    It has to be ME that does the posting. It has to be ME that is consistent. Simple, of course, but I take it really right into my heart. It is all up to ME, and that will decide my success or failure.

    “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”….. I believe that was Brian Tracy that said that about 40 years ago!

    I appreciate the post.

    1. Glad to hear this was so helpful and relevant for you! I have a slightly different version of your quote on my desk now since 1996, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” Either quote- the point is still the same 🙂 I’ve heard both version attributed to many over time so I’m not surprised you are saying a young Brian Tracy. He’s quoted so often by man! Either way, so glad you are saying “YES!” and living into you service 🙂

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