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Moments Celebrating Success Are Important to Teams

Moments celebrating with people around a campfire
Moments Celebrating!

Moments Celebrating Success Go a Long Way!

What are you doing to express your gratitude?
Does your support team feel valued?
How do you create moments celebrating success?

Gratitude goes a long way, especially when you are working on a project and it is finally completed.

Being Authentic when creating your moments celebrating success

In mid-May I had a project, which was quite complex. I didn’t really know how complex it was until 2 weeks prior to it occurring. I had a dear colleague share with me that I was going to need a great deal of assistance – much more than I had anticipated. (This type of project wasn’t my expertise, but it was hers and I listened!) I took heed and went into action quickly enrolling my support team to assist me. They did an exceptional job and everything went well. Throughout the project we had moments celebrating successes as they occurred. As significant miles stones were reached, I communicated to the team and we had small ‘happy dances’ to celebrate the successes.

As I was expressing my appreciation for the efforts and coordination of certain activities, one team member suggested we have a party to celebrate. When better than in early Autumn, to have a fabulous meal and a friendly gathering around the fire ring on a Saturday night? That was this past weekend. It was so great to see everyone smiling and having fun, sharing great conversation, and creating many moments celebrating.

I am blessed. This team was over a dozen of wonderfully talented women. One flew in from North Carolina to assist with the party preparations and to celebrate. Everyone contributed something wonderful for our meal and the sangria flowed! Indeed we sat outside for hours, eventhough the temperatures were just above freezing. I believe the conversational flow was even greater than the sangria as the “team” continued to build their own relationships with one another. It was a grand time and everyone felt appreciated and valued – that was my goal for this gathering because it is the fact.

Does your team feel valued?

What can you do to appropriately express y0ur gratitude to your team? Regardless of whether you run a large corporation, or are a solo entrepreneur, you have a support team or many. Even mid-management has many support teams.

YOUR BIG QUESTION: Do you find ways to make you team feel valued?

Does your support team/s know how much you appreciate them? Click here for more on Celebrating Milestones. When in comes time for you to express your gratitude, which should be routinely, make sure you are customizing it appropriately to the individuals and the situation. Stephen R. Covey states, “In relationships, the little things are the big things.”

Creating moments celebrating the accomplishments of the business, team, or individual is very important to ongoing success. Make time to listen, or even ask what is important to others. Then, when the time is right, you will create moments celebrating in a fashion that will be valued and improve personal and professional accomplishments rates for all!

THANK YOU TEAM! You know who you are, and YOU made and continue to make great moments celebrating success!


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