Steve Jobs Wisdom for Business Owners:
Book Review of
“The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs”

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Steve Jobs was an extraordinary individual who marched to the beat of his own drum! Yesterday would have been his 60th birthday. Many people thought Steve Jobs was a genius. In many aspects I agree, but I reference genius differently. My reference of genius is how Steve Jobs allowed his genius spark to ignite. Then, he chose to share his genius spark with humanity. Isn’t the book cover a great depiction of this?

Steve Jobs was…

Steve Jobs was driven. He understood he held the key to something marvelous. Steve Jobs was a innovative warrior. He went into battle for his vision more than most ever will in their whole life time! Yet, there were times when Jobs wasn’t the warrior battling all his naysayers. Jobs knew how to honor, support, and nurture his genius.

This book: “The Innovative Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success“, written by Carmine Gallo in 2011, is excellent! When I heard Gallo speak about it and his experience with Jobs, I knew I had to get it. This books really speaks to the approach of business development and creation I use with my business and how I serve my clients. I was so curious when I hear Gallo share quotes or concepts because for the first time I heard someone discuss what and how I function. I must admit, I just had to read what someone else, who approaches things similar to me, was doing to become such a success! (Full Disclosure: the only Apple product I use is my iPod.)

At the beginning of Chapter 1, Gallo states, “this book takes the pain out of innovation”. I couldn’t agree more. Gallo continues with expressing the book isn’t designed to be a “step-by-step method for innovations, since that the last things Jobs would recommend”. This book is about the principles Steve Jobs created and used to spark and support his genius and the genius of others.

“Innovation distinguished between a leader and a follower.”
~Steve Jobs

This book identifies Steve Jobs’ 7 Principles for Breakthrough Success

Principle 1: Do What You Love
Principle 2: Put a Dent in the Universe
Principle 3: Kick-Start Your Brain
Principle 4: Sell Dreams, Not Products
Principle 5: Say No to 1,000 Things
Principle 6: Create Insanely Great Experiences
Principle 7: Master the Message

Each principle has 2 chapters to help the reader understand, as well as an invitation to apply this wisdom to their own circumstances. I appreciate this book because its approach to the topic is the approach being shared in the 7 Principles. Throughout the book there are relevant quotes from other leaders. Each chapter concludes with three “iLessons” to guide you through your next actions. The simplicity of this complex topic is brilliant.

I strongly encourage every entrepreneur to read this book. It will guide you well. This is a must for all Business Owners and Leaders. We all need reminders to “Think Differently”. Gallo did an exceptional job writing this for us!

Please feel free to comment on how innovation supports YOUR Business’s Success.


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p.s.  The Author of this book, Carmine Gallo also has a weekly post in Forbes. “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” was the other outstanding book he wrote about Jobs.


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