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Marching Forward amidst Challenges of Business

Marching Forward Amidst Challenges of Business
Isn’t Easy, But It IS Necessary!

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel
the exhilaration of victory.”
~ George S. Patton

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What your style of Marching Forward?

Marching Forward amidst your challenges isn’t the easiest thing to do. I really get that. But I encourage you to do it anyway!  Why? You will be glad you did, just like the above saying shares. You will feel victorious! As if you can accomplish anything.

Marching into a battlefield isn’t fun

We all know marching forward into a battle isn’t fun. We’ve all seen enough historical and battlefield movies to know this. We even know that most often those who do are victorious too! What we seem to forget is how they do the impossible. We quickly forget the character which is built throughout the battle because we focus on the happy ending.

Marching to a victorious ending

The past couple of months I have learned of two women who have persevered their own business challenges. One is very good at what she does, but hasn’t quite landed exactly what she wants to do and how to express it to her marketeplace. Then, she sat with what it is she does and how she impacts others. Just by taking a break and reacquainting herself with the impact of her business, she was able to get into alignment and began attracting customers again! Now she is marching forward continuing to attract more customers.

The other women let her business lie dormant and picked up a part-time job because her business wasn’t doing well. Then, one day she decided to quit her job. Within a week she had good clients paying her more than what she was previously charging. She has been marching forth ever since then and hasn’t looked back. She is victorious!

Both of these success stories are about marching forward into the challenge. Even if the challenge of slightly changing direction was necessary, both women overcome their challenges.

Marching Forward on National March Fourth Day

What one thing can you march forth or forward with on this March 4th?

Just Do It! Don’t think about it, just march forward into it!


“Our ability to handle life’s challenges is a measure
of our strength of character.”
~ Les Brown

“Challenges make you discover things about yourself
that you never really knew.”
~Cicely Tyson

“I think we’re going to the moon because it’s in the nature of the human
being to face challenges. It’s by the nature of his deep inner soul…
we’re required to do these things just as salmon swim upstream.”
~ Neil Armstrong

Please feel free to comment on YOUR March 4th action to support YOUR Business’s Success.


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p.s. One of the more recent business leaders who stepped into each challenge he was given, was Steve Jobs. Click here to review a post and learn more about his 7 Principles for Breakthrough Success.


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  1. Wow, great stories — but I want to know HOW they manage to do this? What were their steps, thinking, etc. Would love more about the how vs. the what’s! (without giving the store away of course!)

    Good share and encouragement to march forward!

    1. Yes, they are great stories aren’t they? I’m sorry, this time I won’t be able to share the “how” in greater detail. These two women are not clients of mine so I can’t share more than what I already have about their “how”. Yet, I can tell you that they specifically say their “how” is what I shared. The first one did exactly that… took a “time out”, reacquainted herself with her business and there it was! The second women just decided to “stop working for another and start working for herself again”. My personal thoughts are it was a combination of timing and desire, couple with discipline, to succeed. They haven’t described it any further. Wish I could share more!

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