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Serving Small Business Strategies: Blogging Anniversary 7

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Congrats Small Business Owners! We’re celebrating Blogging Anniversary 7 of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

Serving Small Business Strategies:
Blogging Anniversary 7

Today we celebrate Blogging Anniversary 7! Hard to believe that we’ve been serving up small business strategies for 7 years, with over 900 blogposts here for you, the Small Business Owner. Thank you for your many comments and phone calls over the years. It’s great hearing how the blogposts have helped you create brilliant breakthroughs for your business. For this reason, I celebrate with you!

To honor this year’s worth of wisdom-sharings, I wanted to write something really special. I’ve had so many different ideas of what I could share to honor this milestone. Yet one seems to stand out more than all the others – sharing snippets of my first blogpost. 

Now, at first you’d think this was an easy thing to do, but it wasn’t. I admit my humble beginnings of this particular blog seems very elementary as a writer. Yet, I believe there’s beauty in our initial steps of something new and it shouldn’t be hidden. So today I’m going to share parts of it with you. 

Before I share snippets I want to thank two gents that really fanned the flame of my writing muse: Roland, who gave me the challenge to beginning blogging again after I wrapped my initial blog. Then there was Keith, who is now my webmaster. Keith is exceptional and a great friend. Yes, I’m referencing the same Keith as in the below story.

I’m honored to have provided 7 years of blogging, as our slogan says, “Guiding & Simplifying Your Business Brilliance”. Look forward to our next steps together. Here’s some snippets from May 29, 2011’s blogpost:

Blogging Anniversary 7 – back to our 1st post:

(1st blog)—Hello Business Owners & Managers!

If you or your business needs rescuing or want to learn more about business strategies in a fun, practical and tactical manner than you found a great spot to subscribe. I strongly encourage everyone to engage in the conversation so we can all learn together 🙂

Have you ever had an experience like this?

“Hey, wait a minute… how I started this project and what it has really transformed into are two very different things!” Well I had this happen with my business’s identity (and my professional specialization identity as well) and it was really earth-shattering for me.

Picture this, Waukesha Wisconsin, April 2011. I feel like Sophia from The Golden Girls sitcom. About 2 months ago I was sitting with a wonderful and well connected gent who I had met during an awesome networking event. While we were sharing with each other what we do, I realized that I was at a loss of words when it was my turn to share. That’s right, someone that I am interfacing with for the first time and I had a Business Identity Crisis right in front of him. Unfortunately, there was no hiding it – I even cried. Yikes!

If you just imagine yourself here for a moment… someone asking you, “So, what you do?”  Next, out of your mouth falls words that are utterly empty and meaningless to you. So disconnected that you stop for a moment and say, “Gee, I knew I was finding a new way to express what I do, but I didn’t realize that I am so deeply into a [business] identity crisis…” 

Rebounding from an unexpected awareness

Completely astonished, I shared with this compassionate gent that I would have to get back to him. The funny thing about all of this is that my offerings and expertise with my clients is no different than it was 2, 3, or even 20 months ago. My business needed a facelift and quick. Remember how I said this is one of the services I provide for clients? Well, it was time to apply them to myself!  So I tried to do the stuff we are all told to do and wasn’t even an inch closer to landing my new business’s image [yet].

It’s pretty cool that I know I’ll be tweaking this over time… but that’s the gist of it folks! So I thought I would dedicate this blog to my journey. Sharing my practical and tactical application of the Business Strategies from my upcoming book. I invite you to share the successes and challenges of your applications as well.

Over time you will see things like my website:, other social media activities. and my offerings morph.

Question for you: Is your Purpose and Mission Statement precise? If so, please share and gain some extra visibility. If not, share your challenges and let’s see what we can all learn together.

Blessings of Success to You~(1st blog concluded)—

Today we celebrate Blogging Anniversary 7!

What I find quite fascinating is we are beginning another iteration of a business facelift. 7 years later we’re in the middle of a very similar activity – without the business identity crisis! We do have our purpose, vision, and mission. Additionally, we know who we serve. We are in good shape… less the facelift!

Sometimes the packaging does matter. This is one of those times!

All Small Business Owners must keep their business fresh. Modernized businesses look upbeat, happening, and successful. If you aren’t looking like you own a modern business your customer attraction and sales will be minimized. It doesn’t matter how rocking you are! 

How do I know this? I should have done a website revamp at least a year ago, but I was too busy working with my customers. They were achieving their business goals, and I wasn’t crushing it to the magnitude they were. Now, I assure you that was an eye-opener! Thus, our site’s revamp is already in progress! This revamp isn’t just a facelift – there’s much more being added.

I’m excited with these new possibilities of being able to serve you better. Stay tuned! Thanks for following us for the past 7 years of blogging and I look forward to continuing to bring you excellent content that adds value to simplifying your business’s success.

We move beyond our Blogging Anniversary 7 and turn the focus to you:

Do you have YOUR Business’s Purpose, Vision, and Mission solidified so you can freely express for others to understand? If so, please share here. If not, let us know where you’re stuck. Feel free to share in the comment section. 

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p.s.: Do you have a Blogging Anniversary 7 to share with us? What about 7 blogposts? Let’s celebrate together!

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