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St Vincent Business Movie Review

St Vincent Movie Ticket
Laugh and be touched by people struggling as you watch the movie, St. Vincent. It also shares 3 unexpected business strategies to help your business shine brighter!

“St Vincent” movie teaches
business strategies of Depth,
Devotion, & Authenticity

St Vincent (2014) is a deep and somewhat humorous Business Strategies movie! Bill Murray’s character is Vincent, a Vietnam Veteran, who has fallen on very tough times. He’s a gambler, who drinks too much, Lives with his past choices, and has a prostitute as a girlfriend. He can’t make ends meet. He has a broken spirit and is a grumpy cynical older man.

The other main character is a young boy, Oliver, whose parents just divorced. Oliver and his mother move in next door to Vince. Thus the story unfolds and we learn of Vincent’s two best-kept secrets and his enormous caring, but hidden, heart. That’s all there is – no spoilers here! FYI: It’s a PG-13 movie that I wouldn’t want my younger children watching.

St Vincent Business Strategy
#1 Depth

On the surface, each one of the movie’s characters appears to be one thing but isn’t. It’s not that they are being deceptive, more that we notice situations and stereotypes. As soon as we do this, we aren’t helping anyone. Each character in this well-written story has great depth. Once their depth is discovered,  their gifts appear. They are able to serve each other more effectively.

Do you really understand the depth of YOUR Ideal Customer? Please, please, please, don’t ever believe anyone when they say you can define YOUR Business’s Ideal Customer in a weekend or 1 workshop. It isn’t true. This is an ongoing process. Small Business Owners who don’t stay in the continuous exercise of exploring, defining, and redefining will lose business.

St Vincent Business Strategy
#2 Devotion

Vincent’s hidden devotion alone is worth his nickname St Vincent. Devotion to something or someone requires your all. Vincent is a great example of this. Even though his world appears upside down, his devotion is the one thing that keeps him sane.

Is your devotion to YOUR Customers, Business, or Expertise obvious to you? Better yet, is it obvious to others? It’s not weird, it’s good for business. How you behave reveals your devotion. You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops; it’s has a greater impact if others notice it on their own.

St Vincent Business Strategy
#3 Authenticity

When Vincent is noticed and acknowledged as St Vincent he steps into living authentically. Vincent kept his St Vincent hidden from others. The shame was he didn’t realize he too wasn’t benefiting from him living a life fully expressed! Once he allowed the truth of who he was, everyone won. True to most of Bill Murray’s characters, St Vincent enjoyed his flaws!

Who is perfect? Do you know any Small Business Owner who runs a perfect business? Perfection isn’t required in business like it was even 10 years ago. Some businesses require perfection, but many do not. However, all businesses must be eager to own and correct what isn’t if they have a customer complaint. Are you trying to be so perfect that you aren’t authentic?

Which “St Vincent” business strategy would serve YOUR Business best right now? Or if you’ve seen the movie please share a different strategy you noticed. Please leave your answer in the comment section and let’s learn from each other!


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