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Frustrations of Business Owners Creates Stress

Frustrations of Business Owners:
Creating Unnecessary Stress!

Frustration is everywhere – how often does it set you off?
Do you have frustrations popping up everywhere?
Are you frustrated you aren’t accomplishing what you want?

Frustration binds our performance depicted by ad big chain linked on a concrete floor.
Frustration always binds our performance

Frustration happens! This is straight talk for Business Leaders and Owners everywhere: stop making this such an issue. When you do this, you are creating more stress than the actual frustration itself! You are actually making a single frustration from one point of business limit other areas of success.

Are you creating more stress from your frustrations?

Incase you have been living under a rock, I want to share with you there’s been plenty of research validating how stress kills us. Yes, stress is a killer to our physical being. Additionally, it’s a phenomenal killer to our confidence. Stress doesn’t stop there. Everyone you interact with notices your stress level and doesn’t want to be around you. Worse yet, they may be afraid to tell you the truth because they don’t want you to have a meltdown – especially in front of them. With inaccurate information you will not be making appropriate decisions.

Frustration:  it’s everywhere

Someone sent me a message today creating stress over something that occurred. The truth is it was small – very small. It was much more like a blip. When we deal with a large volume of action items, there are bound to be some minor errors. Some are worth an apology (I had one of those earlier this week with a group I’m associated with). Most are “blips” (should have had X occurred and Y did instead). Blips aren’t big impactors.

Frustration is a great reminder for Business Leaders

Business Leaders (owners) have a great deal to contend with each day. We now understand that blips will occur and we need to be mindful about them. Blips reveal a poor system or poor performance. Once we assess and correct the issue, we need to move on.

Moving on also implies being more mindful of our performance. Are we making mistakes we shouldn’t be because we are careless? Instead of being frustrated with the poor performance, look to how you can improve the situation so it doesn’t occur again. This will deter you from turning your frustration into stress. Frustration can be a good thing- showing us something needs our attention. Stress: not a good thing. Keep your frustrations as frustration. Don’t allow them to constrict you any more than necessary.

Please feel free to share any questions, comments, or tips regarding what happens when your frustration becomes stress and impedes upon YOUR Business’s success.


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p. s.: Frustration has been a way of life for centuries. Managing frustration is mastery. Check out a local yoga and meditation class, join the gym, find a Bible study group to join and learn more about stress management, patience, and mindfulness.


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