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Bad customer processes will kill your revenue stream

Bad Customer Processes illustrated by a girl grimacing.
BEWARE: Bad Customer Processes will crush YOUR Business!

Bad customer processes will kill
your revenue stream

Bad customer processes kills your business a thousand times over and you may never know it’s happening to you! Recently I had an opportunity to experience a great product, but the orientation process to it was horrific. It was a very disappointing experience. I imagine this unfavorably customer experience is negatively impacting that Business’s Profit Margin. This is a shame because it didn’t need to happen at all.

I expected to effectively be guided into this admittedly complex process, but wasn’t. I’m immensely dissatisfied. I don’t mind taking the time to learn something at all – I’m actually pretty good at that, but this was different. Unfortunately for the business that sold this product, other customers were expressing their frustrations too!

… and then, it became worse. Someone from the organization did an ineffective introduction to the product and process. The attitude of that person, who clearly knew his way around the product and process, wasn’t making the orientation user-friendly for a newbie.

Simply stated this was bad customer processes all the way around! I’m pretty thick-skinned and will push through most things. I’m not sure I will on this one.

Why? Bad customer processes are continuing. It doesn’t matter how great the product is, if it is frustrating to learn and cumbersome to use, I’m not sure I want to utilize it. You see, this product was suppose to make life easier… and so far it’s not. In fact it is much more frustrating thinking I will be utilizing this tool in my business almost every day!


As a customer, what would you do? Would you keep the product, regardless of the bad customer processes, or would you ask for a refund?

Does YOUR Business have Good or Bad Customer Processes?

Now, of course you are going to initially say “good”. That’s OK, it’s a natural response. But what if it could be improved?

This is a golden invitation for you. As a Business Owner, you can tweak anything in YOUR Business. Really, it’s even in YOUR Job Description! However, this isn’t an easy project to take on. Why? We are usually the creators of our customer experience processes and don’t see and experience the flaws as customers do.

5 Steps to Improve YOUR Unknowingly Bad Customer Processes?

  1. Take on a different persona and walk through each customer experience of your business.
  2. Make your list of all that could be improved.
  3. Ask one of your employees or peers to do the same exercise.
  4. Ask a trusted friend or potential customer to do the same exercise. Don’t charge them – they are doing you a favor.
  5. Once you have the 3 sets of feedback, make the necessary changes to improve YOUR customer processes*.

*Bonus: Typically when you improve YOUR Customer Processes, you will also be improving your internal systems as well.

Yes, this is a special project and will require dedicated time. I know, no one ever wants to do this, but can you afford to refund customers or even lose potential business? No? Then take the time to do and you won’t regret it! Your customers will rave about how awesome you are and you will attract more customers through this one strategy alone.

I’m stepping up my game via this strategy. It’s amazing what type of fabulous new approaches presented themselves for my customers… much better than what I’ve done for years.

What’s the one thing you can immediately do to improve your bad customer processes experience? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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p.s. Bad customer processes just happen. The key to greater revenue is improving process each time they’re noticed. 

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