June 12


Planning for success and vacationing- are they similar?

Planning for success is like planning for vacation, depicted by boy wearing a sand pail on head and carrying one as walking into the ocean.
Planning for success and a successful vacation: both can be rewarding!

Are you planning for success and your vacations
in the same manner?

Planning for success often gets less prep time than the time we make to plan vacations. Business Owners-Leaders, this is your chance to look at what you really do. Think of an upcoming vacation you are taking or just took. Did you plan out some wonderful things to experience? Even if you built flexibility into your plan, did you always know what you were doing throughout your trip? Sure you did! And I imagine that when you actually did planning, you accomplished much more, and called it a “good vacation”.

“I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations
better than the plan their lives. Perhaps that is because
escape is easier than change.”
~Jim Rohn

Do you plan for success each week to support your business’s success?

Notice or reflect upon how you develop a vacation plan. Oversimplified: you probably start with some research, make a commitment, set the timeline, confirm the timeline, and plan all the activities to deliver the end game: successful vacation. How is planning for success of your business and a great vacation different?

Planning for success can be more simple than we make it

When you plan for anything to be success you have a process. Most likely, you do what Stephen R. Covey has taught us, “Begin with the end in mind.” You determine what to make happen and who or what will play a role/part in accomplishing your goal. Then you figure when is the best time to complete each of the activities. Usually at the end of the day you reflect if you accomplished your goal or not. You might even reflect upon better ways to complete your goal if it’s a longer project.

Planning for Success Warning:

Did you ever think you’d see a “planning for success warning”? Well, and I don’t get why people aren’t talking about it more! There is a sequence to success. If you don’t know the sequence you can get lucky and still become successful. It will probably take longer and be more frustrating. If you do know the proper sequence to success you will experience less frustration, complete less busy work, and experience peace-filled prosperity more swiftly.

Here’s an article about the Busyness Trap we get snagged in far too often. Planning for success doesn’t need to be elusive for you. If you are ready to take action and aren’t sure where to begin, call me at my number below for a no-cost consultation. If you’d rather send me a message, click Contact Us and let me know how I can serve you. This is the fun stuff I do: help other Business Leaders-Owners become successful in the simplest manner possible to deliver peace-filled profitability. It’s much simpler than you may be imagining!

Please feel free to share in comments regarding your process of planning for success. How effective and efficient is it to supporting your business’s success?


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p. s. My husband makes me chuckle when he says, “It was a good day.” He’s referencing a day when we created a productivity plan and accomplish the goals. He’s says it’s a good day and I say, “It’s planning for success.” His US Marie Corps Training supports planning for success 100%!


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