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The secret your schedule reveals

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Your Priorities need to show up on YOUR Schedule. Let’s do this today to change your impact!

The Secret YOUR Schedule Reveals

Your schedule reveals a multitude of things about you. Most importantly it reveals your priorities. Could a stranger notices if YOUR Business’s Performance is important to you by looking at your schedule?

Personally and professionally, your schedule shows you what matters most to you. Small Business Owners, this is a truth. It’s a hard one to accept because we have the opportunity to be more fluid. Yet, fluidity could be what’s holding YOUR Business’s Performance back. 

Your Schedule is a Self-Management Tool

Your calendar is how you manage your day. More importantly it’s how you manage yourself. This is especially true for Small Business Owners.

It cues you when you need to be doing certain things. These things are important enough to make it to your schedule.

Your schedule reveals what you have committed to and when you show up for it. It shouldn’t be used as a task list – that’s something different.

If you commit to a meeting or event, that’s a promise. You keep your promises, right?

Your calendar helps you remember your promises. Do you keep promises for your own well being and the well being of YOUR Business?

IMPORTANT: Place your self commitments on your calendar or they’ll be pushed aside for the other promises. As Stephen R. Covey says, “First things first”.

Priorities Guide Your Schedule

For the first several years of blogging, I was posting three times per week. I had it on my schedule. Blogging that often was a priority. I was doing an experiment and wanted to see how frequent blogging could improve my Business’s Performance. 

It was a priority. Each week it was posted on my schedule. Even blocked off with enough time to ensure I completed this priority. 

When the experiment was completed, I didn’t put it on my schedule. Guess what happened? I focused on the other priorities and haven’t been as consistent at times. This isn’t how I want to show up so I had to make a change.

What did I do? I placed it back on my schedule.

Why? That’s where my commitments, promises, and priorities are recorded to keep me performing at a high level.

REMEMBER: Planning is essential to assure your living your priorities. Recording those plans into your schedule is essential. This is how you move YOUR Business’s Performance Needles (and your own)!

Simplify YOUR Success

IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: Get back to planning, scheduling, calendaring, or whatever you want to call it. Just get back into this practice – it works. What you focus on will improve because your being mindful to take right actions

Let’s see how you show up differently for the next 90 days!

YOUR Business’s Success depends on your effectiveness and efficiency. Utilize scheduling to help you step into performing with greater ease and confidence. What’s 1 thing that’s a priority and your schedule it or just started scheduling it? Feel free to share in the comment section. 

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p.s.:  Let’s see how we can create better outcomes through making schedules of priority.

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