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Insights of Memorial Day for Small Business Owners

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Memorial Day provides endless insights for Small Business Owners.

Insights of Memorial Day for Small Business Owners

Memorial Day Celebrations are often confused with Labor Day or Independence Day Celebrations. Memorial Day was created to remember and honor those who have served before us, the sacrifices they made, and taking a moment to give thanks for their service.

Many Americans believe it’s a vacation day to celebrate the kick-off of summertime fun. Even though this is how many Americans behave, others take time in silence to honor our fallen military and their families who sacrificed everything for their country.

How does Memorial Day impact small business?

It creates a gap in the work week, which gives everyone an opportunity to rejuvenate. When we rest the body and mind, the spirit is invigorated.

This benefits your business’s productivity levels because research validates people perform better when they have breaks. It allows their mind to relax to see the world differently and bring back new insights to their work. 

Memorial Day also provides an opportunity to connect with our past or lineage. This creates a sense of being part of something bigger than our own selves. It encourages Small Business Owners to make courageous progress through difficulties. Additionally, it could be used to reflect upon and honor the heritage of one’s business.

How do you celebrate Memorial Day? 

Do you take time to attend a Memorial Service? Do you treat it as a day out of time? How do you slow down to reflect or extend gratitude? Is it a tradition to watch a military or war movie? 

Plan Your Memorial Day Moments beforehand:

  1. Is there a parade, veteran celebration, or event in your area?
  2. Do you fly your flag on Memorial Day?
  3. How do you plan to remember in silence?
  4. What movie have you selected to watch?

Here’s 10 inspirational movies to watch over Memorial Day Weekend:

You have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on your business’s growth and performance. It could be as simple as taking a moment to honor Memorial Day with a statement of appreciation. You can make a lasting impression by doing any of the above by honoring those who have preceded you.

Next, do this for our business. Who has assisted with earlier versions of the business, products, your website, etc. It’s your business’s heritage. Honoring those who have served your business is equally important!

How can you create a lasting impression this week and weekend? Feel free to share your plans here in the comment section. 

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