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Field of Lost Shoes: Business Movie Review

 “Field of Lost Shoes” (2014) Movie

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Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Business Movie Reviews
Business Strategies via watching Movies…

What can this Civil War movie,
“Field of Lost Shoes” (2014)
teach us about the business strategies:
Relationship Building, Selflessness, & Honor?

Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews emerged because movies are a great way to be inspired and/or learn from a fresh perspective! This business movie review will inspire you. Field of Lost Shoes is a peak back into one of the battles of the American Civil War. It’s the story of how the teenage cadets of Virginia Military Institute impacted the outcome of The Battle of New Market. The cadets impact created a new tradition, which is still upheld at Virginia Military Institute.

I selected this movie because it was not all gore and it was about teenagers making choices in the face of adversity. Additionally, it’s a great piece of history to know. Just like most movies, the facts aren’t 100% unless it’s a documentary. Yet, Field of Lost Shoes helps us understand more about the leadership of America (presidential and military), and how it impacted those at Shenandoah Valley in May 1864. FYI: No spoilers here.

Field of Lost Shoes is packed full of the often misunderstood Servant Leadership values. If you don’t watch it during Memorial Weekend, make sure you watch it soon. Netflix has Field of Lost Shoes streaming now. (Note: I’m not compensated, in any form, by Netflix for mentioning this.)

“Field of Lost Shoes” Business Strategy #1:
Relationship Building

When the reluctant General Breckinridge accepts utilizing Virginia Military Institute Cadets as a “back-up” plan to show force, he decides to do to the right thing. He meets with the teenage cadets before the battle begins. During their short time together, he swiftly builds relationship with each of the cadets. Personally, I believe this is the second reason why Breckinridge is reluctant to activate the cadets.

Strategy #1: YOUR Application of Building Relationships
Do you take time to build relationship with your internal and external customers? Do you build relationship with your suppliers when appropriate? 

If you take the time to build relationship with your team, they will appreciate your relationship more. This infers they will be more productive. I’ve noticed this to be more true than we ever could imagine!

“Field of Lost Shoes” Business Strategy #2:

As the cadets are marching to Shenandoah Valley toward the Battle of New Market, they witness a female slave pinned under a wagon which was broke or overturned. One of the cadets steps out of formation to help her. Then another joins, and yet another. The whole time yelling for the cadets to get back into formation via “don’t break command”. Yet, the young cadets choose to serve another instead of being more concerned about their own career.

Strategy #2: YOUR Application of Selflessness
Do you remember struggling with something? Do you remember how frustrating it was? If it was something you should have been able to handle and need to ask for help, do you remember how hard it was to ask for help?

When you see someone struggling, do you serve them in an appropriate fashion? Often times, this isn’t even about fixing the problem directly. More so, just letting them know you are willing to assist, if needed. Typically your offering will be more than adequate support. However, sometimes we are asked to serve others and then tend to our commitments later.

“Field of Lost Shoes” Business Strategy #3:

Prior to the battle scenes, the cadets are being youthful. Then they observe an injustice. Side by side they stand with great conviction for what is appropriate. They oppose the protocol and the Institute’s Commandant. In what could be a career defining moment, they do the right thing declaring, “Honor”.

Strategy #3: YOUR Application of Honor
Honor could be seen as a mockery. It is conviction, regardless of what the norm accepts as right or wrong and good or bad. Honor reflects someone going through a discernment process to make a choice. A choice, which they know, may come with unfavorable consequences.

Do you make honorable choices for your business and team? Do you appreciate when someone makes an honorable decision or action versus what they are suppose to do? I believe another way to express honor is to apply the concept of “what would serve the highest good”.

Take a moment to share in comments…
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