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What can the movie, “American Sniper” (2014)
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Philanthropy, Patience, & Mission Accomplished?

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Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews emerged because movies are a great way to be inspired and/or learn from a fresh perspective! This review is not exception. American Sniper is an award winning movie for many reasons and will literally leave you speechless for all the right reasons. FYI: this movie has many threads of humanity woven throughout it. As it deserves to be, it is so much more than a war movie. A must see for adults.

“American Sniper” is an exceptionally well constructed movie to share the life and experiences of Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, who becomes America’s most effective sniper. This movie shares the life lessons of Kyle’s upbringing, which would support his success as a sniper. It also reveals how marital relationships are strained among military families, I saw this occurring far too frequently when I was a military wife. The struggles of PTSD for many of our members was portrayed- not even our heroes can avoid this! Additionally, it reveals the never wavering commitment our military service members are ask to live from the moment of their initial training until the mission is complete. Last, Bradley Cooper, who was in every scene of American Sniper except the last, portrayed Kyle exceptionally well and as “the Legend” he is.


Throughout his life Kyle was a man who learned from the experience of others. Additionally he reciprocated. Toward the end of the movie we saw how he healed his wounds and then gave back to other Veterans so they could have their opportunity to heal. It was evident how much joy assisting others in need provided Kyle.

Strategy #1: Philanthropy
How do you give back to your field or another of interest?

Giving back, serving others is crucial. It elevates humanity as a whole. When one of us wins, we all do! Philanthropic activities (giving of your time, talent, and treasure) will inspire you. And here’s what happens to your business when you are inspired: you productivity performance improves. As Business Owners this one activity will actually assist you in gaining greater profits through your improved performance AND the additional visibility you gain. Last, we all know it’s the right thing to do!


During a scene of Kyle’s first tour Kyle must make a choice of how patient he needs to be a decent human while fulfilling his objective. The film depicts his internal struggle. Patience is a sniper’s forte.

Strategy #2: Patience
Do you work with the natural timing of things or do you force your agenda?

How often do you take time to slow down something to get the ultimate result you seek? If you are like most, not too often! One of the most common statements I share with clients is, “by slowing down, you will actually accelerate the progress”. Throughout my personal projects, as well as clients, this  proves true. Certain things require you to execute immediately while others require more time than you want. Serve your business’s performance best and see where you can slow down just a bit to assure you are creating a quality relationship, offering, or process.


Kyle’s mission was two-fold. At a macro level his mission was to secure and defend America. At a micro level his mission was to secure and defend the safety of fellow service members – typically Marines doing security searches to secure an area. Overtime, the threats were identified. One in particular was extremely difficult to find and became a personal project/mission for Kyle. Always remembering who and what he represented via his training and oath, “God, Country, Family”, Kyle always remained determined to fulfill his mission amidst all the chaos.

Strategy #3: Mission Accomplished

Look around your office or workplace. Are your missions accomplished? How many unfinished projects do you have scattered throughout your desk, files, piles, books/resources, or your inbox? I know how easy it is to inadvertently create multiple unfinished projects. Quickly and gently one becomes two or ? During these winter months, take the time to complete your missions and become accomplished with improved productivity levels of focus and commitment.

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