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Hidden Figures: Business Movie Review

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. discusses the movie Hidden Figures. Illustration: The official Movie poster of the 3 main characters with a rocket launching behind them.
Characters of “Hidden Figures” are great examples for Small Business Owners to attain their goals. Image: wikipedia.org

Hidden Figures movie teaches business strategies of Tolerance, Certainty, Continuous Learning, & Perseverance

Hidden Figures (2016) movie is an exceptional movie revealing many different facets of humanity’s struggles. The main characters struggle with personal and professional exclusion during the 1960s. Undeniably, these women are trailblazers and extra-ordinary role models. This movie is not only a glimpse into Technology’s and NASA’s history, it’s also a glimpse in the workplace injustice many endured. No spoilers here!

As Small Business Owners (SBOs), we struggle with the many different hats to wear throughout a day. There are many new learning curves for SBOs to improve their Business’s Performance. Watching this movie will provide a deeper level of appreciation for those who have paved the way to make our workplaces more user-friendly. Whatever is on your To-Do List for the week may appear more do-able after viewing this movie.

Hidden Figures Business Strategy #1

The main characters of the movie built great muscles of tolerance. The tolerance to be so much more than how their co-workers perceived them was phenomenal. In order to keep their jobs they endured impractical work assignments, inappropriate working conditions, and unacceptable emotional abuse.

What tolerances do you take on as a SBO? What do you unnecessarily endure? Often I notice SBOs are enduring intolerables which they have allowed to become so. What can you do to release your unnecessary intolerables this week? Which intolerables can you release next week?

Hidden Figures Business Strategy #2

The women (main characters) knew what they were capable of doing. They were certain of their skills and the potential they would provided. Whenever possible, they continued to put themselves in situations where they shined and allowed themselves to noticed.

Do you put yourself in situations or circumstance where you can showcase your skills and capabilities? Sometimes SBOs hold themselves back because we are taught to be humble. There is a difference between modesty and being humble. It’s taken me a decade to own my awesomeness. Hopefully it won’t take you that long! Truth: When I started owning my awesomeness of what I can do to help others, my client attraction went through the roof. Don’t wait to own what you know to be true. No one else can do this task but you!

Hidden Figures Business Strategy #3
Continuing Learning

A couple of the main characters took additional steps to further their body of knowledge to advance their career. One even had to go to court to be approved to take some courses. They did so in order to step into what they knew they could deliver – but needed certain knowledge to step into the next level of their expertise.

SBOs need to learn a myriad of different topics to be a master of their domain. Continuous learning is the way of a SBO. It supports you stepping into easier ways to achieve your goals more effectively. There’s always great benefits in learning the secrets of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Bonus Strategy: Hidden Figures
Perseverance (A Marine’s Take)

The Marine (my husband) was amazed by the main characters’ perseverance. Of course this is what the Marine would appreciate!

He couldn’t stop talking about the bathroom situation, how supervisors kept pushing down their direct reports, and undeniable capabilities were minimize. Yet, the women kept showing up – never wavering their level of performance.

SBOs have many situations occurring each day. How often do you allow circumstances to routinely take you off your game plan? When you find you’re off your game, give yourself 10 minutes before you jump back into it. This isas you can honor what just occurred and simultaneously achieve your goals.

Which one of the Business Strategies from Hidden Figures would serve YOUR Business best right now?


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