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Your expertise creates amazing business opportunities

Business Opportunities illustrated by people in two canoes exploring a flooded wooded area.
Business Opportunities will take you to amazing place you didn’t even know were possible.

Your expertise creates amazing business opportunities

Business opportunities are created via what our expertise is, who we know, and what we do. Business opportunities arise when we consistently show up in our marketplace. Every Business Owner can own their marketplace with consistent right action. The outcome of such actions will boost Business Performance. How do I know this? It’s my story and the story of many other remarkable Business Owners!

My last post was my 700th post. I wrote about celebrating consistency. Consistency is my super-power for being able to write 700 training blogposts for Business Owners. I also shared some interesting points for you to consider. Please click on the above link to read it. I reveal proven tips for success.

Amazing business opportunities arise…

In our last post I promised to share part of my success story.It’s fascinating how business opportunities via my blog have improved our Business’s Performance and amplified owning my marketplace. Additional business is the obvious improvement. It ultimately boils down to that. But how can it happen? As Dr. Seuss writes, “Oh, all the places you can go …

A couple of years ago I met a women who was completing her PhD. Her focus was Organizational Development. She liked some of the statements I made about leadership, business, non-effective business, and organizations. All of it was anchored in my past and I consistently blogged about these topics. She investigating me. She read a myriad of my blogposts.

She called me. We discussed a variety of topics. I didn’t realize she was vetting me. Then, she invited me to co-author an article for an International Professional Journal. We wrote it. It was accepted. We were invited to present global conference in Europe. We delivered a TED Talk format presentation for scholars. You know, the ones who determine what is textbook worthy. Talk about a business opportunities overflowing!

Unexpected business opportunities are avail to everyone

Business opportunities arise from unexpected places and moments. Who would’ve thought I’d be presenting to scholars in Europe? Get published in a great professional journal? Receive invitations to present because I blog 3 times a week? Not me!

What about you? What amazing business opportunities would you like to create? I assure you consistent blogging validates your expertise. It will help you accomplish it while serving others. Also, what other consistent actions are you taking to create opportunities?

What business opportunities would you like to create with your consistent actions? Share your answer in the comment section.


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