Consistency illustrated by a snow covered bridge in a wooded area that has paths of footprints in the snow.
Happy 700th Blogpost! The beaten path of consistency helps Business Owners win!

Today we celebrate the amazing results of consistency
with our 700th blogpost of Business Coaching

Consistency is the backbone of this celebration. Without consistency, there wouldn’t be 700 blogposts in less than 5 years. Consistency is a blog’s secret super-power. Why should consistency be every business’s super-power? First of all, don’t make consistency a secret super-power… be bold and accept the accolades for consistently performing at high levels of Business.

Your customers and potential customers, as followers/readers, are depending upon you to show up in their space. If you are blogging be consistent. If nothing else, write one good blog a week. Why? Consistency.

You want your customers and potential customers to feel they can count on you to serve them well. In fact, you’re demonstrating to people exactly how reliable you are even before they become customers. Isn’t this great?

You customers and followers aren’t the only ones who benefit; you and YOUR Business benefit from consistency. How so? When you are consistently blogging, you also improve your communication skills. You become a better storyteller from all the practice. You find your voice, your persona, and your vision. Additionally, you refine your expertise. You may also end up creating some really great offerings for your business. One of my unexpected benefits was being invited into the Thought Leaders realm of Leadership and Business Performance.

Your blog is also a vehicle to help you meet new people and travel. I guess I’ll write more about this in our next post. As Dr Seuss writes, “… oh, all the places you can go …”  I’d like to say, “… oh, and all the people you will serve …

Through consistent blogging, I’ve been able to help many people improve their business and their lives. Many more than those I engage with as clients… and I’m happy to do this. Why? I see good Business Owners frustrated and struggling. And I know that “good business isn’t easy, but it is simple” (that’s my quote). I believe that if more people know this, the world will be a better place.

Thank you! for helping me improve my consistency practice by you reading and commenting. Your reciprocating appreciation is appreciated and motivating!

Other than getting more customers, what’s the one benefit you’d like to create with your consistent blogposts? Share your answer in the comment section.


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p.s. If you want to learn more about effectively blogging for business, I’m teaching this on April 6th in the Milwaukee area. Treat yourself by checking out Biz.Camp Events Schedule to get your critical business skills training to prepare for a successful business!

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  1. Maggie, You are consistently awesome! You also consistently amaze me. You blogs are always interesting, dead on for your subject and germaine to the world in which we navigate.

    Congratulations on your 700th blog! I’m not sure I’ve done ANYTHING 700 times.

    There is NO ONE better to be teaching the Basic Blogging Badge at Biz.Camp.

    Thanks, so much, for all that you do. You touch the lives of MANY more than you know!

    1. Thanks for noticing David! Being consistent isn’t easy at times. Yet, the importance of it is paramount. I am looking forward to training others how to Blog for Business at Biz.Camp on April 6th 🙂 Remember: You can do anything you want. Consistently is the amplifier of its impact.

    1. Stacy you have a gift of what you see and can help others envision for their own visual branding of their business. Telling that story is very improtant so they see the value you offer instead of just any photographer. You are a visual storyteller for businesses – it only makes sense you’d start by sharing your story in a way that engages them and shares how it benefits them! Keep perfecting this through your consistently and they will consistently be ringing your phone!

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