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Don’t hesitate on improving critical skills to suppport success

Improving critical skills in business illustrated by a frustrated women, who is holding her face in her hand. The image is a black and white and a close up.
Avoid frustration – start improving critical skills to support your business now!

Don’t hesitate on improving critical skills
to support Your Business’s Success

Improving critical skills, or critical business skills are important for your effectiveness and efficiency. If you are able to accomplish what you need to complete in a stressful manner, you and YOUR Business wins! YOUR Business’s Success depends on this much more than you may realize!

Improving critical skills the hard way

This past week I’ve been working on 2 different projects. Each one is a biggie. Each project involved different software skills. Guess what? The software I was once well versed in has been updated. Unfortunately, I’m not as savvy as I once was with each of the programs. Yikes! Problem? You betcha!

Of course it wasn’t until I had some big projects that I didn’t even think about improving critical skills like this. I thought I was well versed. Guess the joke is on me. I realized that while I was improving other critical skills with taking on some new software/apps, that I had lost focus of staying current with others.

What happened?

In the middle of all the project management and development I came to a screeching halt. I couldn’t do some necessary formatting. I tried to fudge them with what seemed to be logical moves. Sometimes this interim approach was success. More often than not, I had to click on “Help” to learn what to do. Of course this impeded my success of completing the projects in my allotted time frame. I spent long days of 15-18 hour work days to accomplish these projects in addition to my regular commitments. It’s a sad fact and I don’t suggest this at all. Don’t let threats like this impact YOUR Success!

SOLUTION: Routinely make time for improving critical skills to do your job more efficiently is a proactive business decision.

QUESTION:Are you effectively serving yourself and YOUR Business by being proactive on learning new critical skills?

And yes, I already made an appointment for my Business’s success to give myself an update on my skills gap in these programs.

If you’re in the Milwaukee, WI area there’s a Critical Business Skills Training Camp occurring on Wednesday. Click here to learn more: http://bit.ly/BizCampApril2016DayCamp  If you’d like to attend something like this and you aren’t in the area, let me know. This is a traveling Biz.Camp!

What one critical business skill do you need to improve upon? Please share your answer in the comment section.


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p.s. Want to improve your critical business skills? Click here to learn more: http://bit.ly/BizCampApril2016DayCamp 

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