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FURY: Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc Business Movie Review

The FURY movie poster with an army tank in World War II
FURY Movie teaches business strategies to Business Owner-Leaders image credit: IMDb.com

“FURY” (2014)
Business Movie Review


Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Business Movie Reviews
Business Strategies via watching Movies…

What can the true historical movie, “FURY” (2014)
teach us about the business strategies:
Straight Talk, Performance Reviews, & Morals?

Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews emerged because movies are a great way to be inspired and/or learn from a fresh perspective! “FURY” is great movie about a Tank Team’s journey during WWII. The relationships depicted among the tank team felt very realistic. There are some interesting facts about American Tank’s effectiveness at the beginning of the movie which frame the significance of what this particular team did to keep the Allie’s efforts victorious. It conclude’s with the team steep in German territory. (No spoilers here.)

“FURY” Business Strategy #1:
Straight Talk Improves Performance

The team leader is WarDaddy, who says to his new guy, “I had the best Assistant Driver in the entire Ninth Army in that seat. Now I got you. I promised my crew a long time ago I’d keep them alive. You’re getting in the way of that.” The Sergeant made it clear to his new guy that he needs to perform better for the team to fulfill their goal/mission. This was the first of many straight talks WarDaddy gave. It was necessary, not only for the mission, but also for the team’s survival.

Strategy #1: YOUR Straight Talk is Necessary
Do you communicate effectively with straight talk?
  When you give performance reviews or even customer service feedback do you share exactly what the other person needs to hear? We all need to know the truth about our performance or how we are showing up. Straight talk takes the confusion out of the equation. The best leaders tactfully and directly share the truth when speaking.

“FURY” Business Strategy #2:
Consistent Performance Reviews

Admittedly, most of us don’t have performance reviews which impact life and death situations. This team gave eachother feedback throughout each battle and afterwards. Nothing replaces real-time feedback to improve performance.

Strategy #2: YOUR Ongoing Performance Feedback
Do you give constant feedback or do you wait until performance review time? 
When you give performance reviews or even customer service feedback do you share exactly what the other person needs to hear or do you try to be too nice? Unfortunately, performance reviews aren’t done routinely any longer. The impact of real-time feedback becomes even more important for performance improvements. However, even if you are great at giving ongoing feedback, performance reviews are still necessary.

“FURY” Business Strategy #3:
Morals Always Matter

WarDaddy and his new guy do something very decent in the middle of an indecent war. We all have choices. Business Owners-Leaders are always invited to take the high road.

Strategy #3: Morals- Doing the Right Thing
When given an option, do you always take the high road?
 I’ve never met a Business Owner-Leader who has regretted doing the right thing. Remember: Making ethical choices keep you out of jail and moral choices keep you sleeping well at night.

“FURY” Movie Bonus Strategy: Heroes are Everywhere!
This movie was filled with heroic actions. Often many are waiting to share their wisdom to help the cause. They have something significant to offer our overall mission to fulfill our goals. Remember, everyone is an expert at something and is waiting to share what they know!

Please make a comment which “FURY” business strategy would serve YOUR Business best right now?


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