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Leading transformation in your workplace

Leading transformation depicted with an image of lines zig-zagging to reveal "action in motion".
Leading transformation requires action and patience

Leading Transformation…

Leading transformation in workplaces and industries has been a hot topic for me these past couple of months. I’ve been wisdom-sharing with a start-up, which is about to turn and industry upside down with an overlooked transformational idea.

These types of conversations always get me excited because it allows me to bring my “A” game forward to people who are interested in applying simplified success strategies to get high impact results. Leading transformation isn’t always easy. Sure it can be fun at times and even easy at times, but not always.

Have you received an invitation to be leading transformation in the past year or two? Many are. Why? Systems and processes become ineffective. Unfortunately this may occur even before it is activated! I know, this makes absolutely no sense at all, but it’s true. Additionally, the system or process may become obsolete.

Mindfulness is one of the greatest tools to utilize

This makes me recall a quote about leading transformation by Stephen R. Covey,
“It requires vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith to be a transforming leader.”

Too often I see companies and startups activate something far too soon. Indeed, eagerness to activate your new creation is valid, but not at the cost of rendering it ineffective. I share with many Business Owners-Leaders to “Slow down from activating now to accelerate success in the future”. By slowing down and tending to what still needs to be developed to gain the desired results and serve your customers exceptionally well, you are creating a winning formula! Covey’s quote reveals what is necessary for leading transformation to get positive results… did anyone notice how patience made the list?

Leading Transformation requires a great deal

Leading transformation is a delicate balance of swift action AND patience to be thorough. It will bring you to your knees and lift your spirit simultaneously! It’s not uncommon to feel like you have a multiple personality disorder too. This will stretch you as a professional and you will be glad you did it.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Leading Transformation Question:
Regardless of what title you hold, are you leading transformation within your workplace? 

Leading Transformation Tip:

Remember, your subject matter experts (SMEs) are the ones who know how to improve performance. Take time to ask the ones doing the direct work, “What are the 3 things you would change if you were the boss?” Then be ready to hear 3 things which will improve your business’s top and/or bottom lines. If practical, swiftly take action to make the changes actualize. Remember to extend appreciation to everyone who shared.

“Don’t be an Agent FOR Change; be an Agent OF Change.”
~Maggie Mongan 

Feel free to leave a comment or question regarding leading transformations. I’ll be happy to respond.


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p. s. Swimming up against the stream can be exhausting at times. As you continue leading transformation, remember to take breaks often to prevent burn-out and celebrate milestones.


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