May 20


Business Strategy: Celebrate Milestones with Gratitude

YOUR Executive Mentor Coach asks you:
Do you celebrate successes often enough?
Are you extending gratitude to all appropriate parties?
What is Maggie celebrating today?

YOUR Business Strategy today is to stop and celebrate YOUR most recent milestone! Yes, success breeds success and so does gratitude 🙂 Expressed gratitude allows everyone to feel they have added value to your personal or professional life.

Ponder that for a moment. Just think what a little gratitude can produce: a good feeling, a smile, a phone call, a letter, a paying-it-forward moment, and for those of you who are waiting for a business tip – customer loyalty. That’s right, gratitude is something that everyone, pardon the pun, appreciates 🙂 Let’s take some time to smell the flowers…

business strategy: Celebrate with Gratitude
Business Strategy of       Appreciate & Celebrate Milestones

So how does this relate to celebrating milestones? Well, this particular post is my 300th blog on this particular venue.  Yep, 300 posts dedicated to helping you improve your business. Totally awesome isn’t it?

THANK YOU Readers, Followers, Sharers, Commenters, and Clients. Without you I wouldn’t have been inspired to carry on at times! Also, I’d like to extend deep appreciation to my loving husband, who would patiently wait for me to get a blog out before we could start on a collaborative project – and, just to let you know the “Powersuit Strategy” from our Iron Man 3 Business Movie Review was his idea!

Additionally, I’d like to thank prior teachers of all sorts: parents, children, professors, technology masters who perfected pathways for such wisdom-sharings, outstanding colleges for opening my mind, outstanding authors, former bosses, great business leaders of old and new, spiritual mentors, the movie industry (to give me some great scripts for my Business Movie Reviews -check them all out under categories!),  our Creator, and all you who I have yet to meet 🙂

I appreciate you for allowing me to find my voice and create my person, share my strategies and tips, while discovering who I am as I transition into another level of professional service. Being transparent, which is relatively close to authentic, is equally important. So, count on more real-life, real-business, and Maggie’s Awesomeness to continue here… of course at no additional cost to you! I’d like to add a special note of appreciation to Roland, who encouraged me about 2 years ago to “Just start blogging now and find your voice, find your new business identity- don’t wait, start now and it will come”. Mahalo, ten-fold!

And today, since I feel like it is a bit of a graduation day for me… I’d like to share with you I have found my new business identity with the help of many of you (and sitting on the couch for 3 weeks recovering from my motorcycle crash). Are you ready?

Ready to learn my new business identity:
Maggie, YOUR Executive Mentor Coach

… it takes me almost right back to the beginning of when I resigned my corporate position and became a Coach… funny how I’ve come full circle 🙂 Indeed with this, some things will change – actually even improve. Why wouldn’t they if we are all about improving and building brilliant businesses?

Thank you for allowing me to self-discover as you read and learned. I look forward to revealing how this transformation will allow the ripple effect of Brilliant Businesses to unfold.

Again, my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your ongoing support! How will I be celebrating 300 posts here? I promise to take the long Holiday Weekend off – in its entirety (which is pretty unusual for me) this coming weekend!

YOUR Brilliant Inquiry:

What do YOU need to celebrate?
Come up with an appropriate way to honor your success. Ideally this week as possible!

Feel free to Leave a Reply & Comment on the following or something relevant: What and/or how will you celebrate your success?

It can be all different this year…
if you plan to deliver different results in 2013!

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
or any other Business Strategies we have been discussing,
please reach out to Maggie (262) 716.7750   FYI: I’m in the Central Time Zone

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, YOUR Executive Mentor Coach
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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  1. HI there Maggie!

    Congratulations on the 300 posts! Wow, talk about CONSISTENCY…………. it all adds up…just one post at a time. I will take you as my example for consistent posts!

    I will celebrate all that I have done so far on launching The Way of the Rainbow………….. WAY TO GO..ME!!!! hahahaha

    I am about two days away from that…. but to get this far with websites, autoresponders, audios and pdf paperwork…. it is all coming together now!

    My old pattern has been this: make the “to do” list…. check off each item as I complete it, keep adding new items to the list…………so therefore I never feel that I completed anything because the list is always there…… NO MORE! I now have a project list….. atleast that way, I know when I have completed the project. Now for the celebrating…………..that is what I am not consistent with…. oh I just had an idea come to me………..add to the bottom of the project list…… write the words…CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of the project…. Okay NOW I will be able to FEEL the success of it…. and the JOY!!!

    Thanks for your awesomeness!!! You are the BEST!

  2. Celebrating today too! I just finished the re-wording on The Way of the Rainbow site. I know I can always go back and fine tune it, but for now…IT IS READY!!!!! I will put the invitations for this soft launch to go during the summer. Once fall comes, I will go into high gear with it and have a huge launch………………… I will probably need your help with that Maggie…(chuckle, chuckle!)

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