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Customer Appreciation Ideas are Important Business

Customer Appreciation Ideas:

Are very important to YOUR Business!

Do you show your customers you appreciate them?
Are you creative in your customer appreciation ideas?

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Customer Appreciation Ideas

Customer appreciation ideas are as varied as the types of businesses. Even within a business it is often best to treat different customers with different customer appreciation ideas. How so? Well, sometimes a simple and sweet thank you letter will be very appropriate. Other times, it may involve doing something a little more complex or even customized.

Variety of Customer Appreciation Ideas

Whatever your business is, you will want to have a list of awesome ways to express your appreciation. Always, always, always make sure a “thank you” is spoken.  About once a month I go to the drive-through of McDonalds for a sweet tea. More than half the time no one thanks me for giving them my money for their tea. Yet, I still thank them… and they still don’t! This is an indicator of being sloppy with consistently or just plain lazy management and/or performance. If there were another provider, I’d become their patron because customer service and appreciation is just part of the game.

Do you have simple customer appreciation ideas
for your customers?

Have your team say “Thank you”, “We appreciate your business”, “We appreciate you coming in today”, etc. It doesn’t take much!Go just a little further – it could still be as simple as a thank you card for new customers. You may even offer a discount for a new customer, repeat customer, anniversary date of a customer, or their birthday. These are simple manners of appreciation which go a l-o-n-g way!

Are you being creative enough with different ways
to express appreciation?

The above suggestions are good, matter in fact, great! What about the variety of your customers? Last Friday I was honored with an opportunity to presenting on leadership at the Wisconsin Business Owners Meetup, which is totally awesome because the Business Owners are amazing peeeps! Every month I participate in providing one  of the outstanding door prizes offered there. In addition to my normal door prize I added another $400 in value of additional door prizes. Now, I don’t share this for any other reason than to reveal I offered a variety of two nicely valued gift certificates and 3 different books. Curious what I noticed?

I wanted to make sure there was variety. It was interesting to notice that it was the variety that had everyone a little excited… not knowing what was next! Let’s look at this for your business: what’s your variety of customer appreciation ideas? Are you mixing it up enough? Will your ideas make your customers feel valued and appreciated?

TIP: Pay attention to what your customers are telling you. I mean, really listen deeply. Listen to what matters to them and then surprise them! At that moment they know they are extremely valuable to you. That my friends, is the truth! Customization to people makes a grand difference- it will go far!

Let’s work together to build a Customer Appreciation Ideas List. Please feel free to share in the comments section.


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