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Professionalism in the workplace- it matters

Professionalism in the Workplace

Is your workplace considered professional?
What is professionalism?
How can you improve your professionalism?

"Your  Excellence Matters" in deep purple font with golden starr and fireworks going off behind it to depict the brilliance of professionalism
Your Professional Excellence Matters

Professionalism has several different implications. It implies a standard. Professionalism also implies a career choice. The professionalism I’d like to address today is the standard of which professionalism is noticed.

Do you automatically notice professionalism?

Have you ever walked into a workplace and you felt the didn’t have their act together? That would be the lack of professionalism. Conversely, the same type of business could have a clean environment, organized efforts, and courteous people. Regardless of what type of business it is, you would call this professional.

Are we about to have a Professionalism Breakthrough?

Lately, I’m noticing many articles on LinkedIn and other sites regarding professionalism. I’m an eternal optimist. I hope this is a sign of everyone waking up and remembering that “Jean Friday” might be better than “Jean Week” every week. Maybe the trend of suits becoming fashionable again is another sign. It’s about that standard element of professionalism.

A teacher keeping her professional stance

About 10 years ago, I had a good friend who was a professional. When her second child was an infant, she knew she needed to change her career path. She shared with me, “I honestly can’t believe I am saying that I’m considering being a grade school teacher, but it makes the most sense right now.”

Then she addressed how teachers aren’t “typically” professional. I shared I didn’t necessarily agree with her statement. Then I asked her, “You are a professional, why wouldn’t you carry that approach forward as a teacher?” She was quiet. Then, she agreed to do just that. She has the luckiest students in her state! Consistently, she has delivered. Regardless of your circumstance, professionalism is about “how you show up”.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
Do you show up “in a good way”?
How you show up is a reflection of how you have prepared yourself overtime.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Tip:
Stay on top of your game! Regularly read books, articles, attend workshops, seminars, or read blogs to stay current with your industry, your service, your professional development, or any business trends.

Your turn to show up strong

Many people are looking for promotions and/or simplifying their success. Either option requires you to be a pro. Pros are learners. They are looking for good information. This information must give them a cutting edge or differentiate them from others either by improving their personal performance or the business’s performance.

There’s plenty of information out there to keep you on the path of continuous improvement. Consistency is the key to learning and professional development. Remember: There’s plenty of information to derail our efforts. We need to be mindful of what we type of information we are consuming in today’s information-rich world. As The Most Interesting Man in the World says, “Choose wisely my friend.”

Please share any questions, comments, or tips regarding how professionalism supports YOUR Business’s greater profit or success! 


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p. s. Want to find some really good professional articles? Go to LinkedIn.com and look under “Pulse” section. There is a mixture of excellent, high value articles and then there are some more basic articles. I find this to be a good thing because leadership and professionalism is something we all grow into over time.


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