April 7


Leader-ship and Integrity

                             Leader-ship & Integrity?

Soaring Leader
Soaring Leader

Do you know how integrity supports leader-ship?
Why is In-tegrity important?
Are you choosing integrity as a core value?

This year we’ve been focusing on really diving into topics to help you optimize your leadership and business performance. In the past we have selected topics and wrote about different aspects of them and we have even written a series of blogs on a topic in several parts. But this year is different. Why? Because you deserve to be the best leader you can possible be!

If you want to dive a little deeper into 2014’s topics so far click on these links: Goals (in January), Passion (in February), and Purpose (in March). So now back to our April Topic: Leadership.

Eagles: Leader-ship and In-tegrity in Motion

Todd Duncan stated, “Integrity is not automatic. It results from self-discipline, hard-found character, solidified beliefs, and the relentless pursuit of honesty.” (Quote from “The Essence of Leadership” by Mac Anderson, Founder of Successories)

I think this is a great quote because I believe integrity needs to be cultivated. Good leaders are self-disciplined and usually are committed to their pursuit of excellence. Good leaders aren’t typically found in bunches or flocks… they are lone eagles because they choose to soar above the rest of the birds who seem to get bounced around from the wind. Eagles soar because they are confident in who they are and what their capabilities are. Once you have discipline, and are sound of character, beliefs, actions, and honesty… even the tradewinds won’t take you off your path! Are you an eagle?

Leaders Understanding the Importance of In-tegrity

In-tegrity is an in-side thing. It comes from within. You can’t develop integrity, it is the outcome of other exceptional human attributes.

As I’m writing this my husband is watching a restoration car show. He likes the type of work they do, but he isn’t keen on the business owner. I don’t care for him at all… he rubs me the wrong way becuase he is a jerk! Can you believe I just said that?!?!

This particular business owner isn’t a business leader. He may have great technical skills and capabilities, and a ton of money, but he isn’t a leader. Actually, he is the anti-leader. His team only does what they have to do because they are related and they want their paycheck.  I can’t watch the show because I get too irritated by how terribly he treats his staff and how arrogant he is. They don’t follow his lead for a moment (can you notice how I’m not keen on him at all?). He is not a leader. Conversely, let’s look at someone who is: Colin Powell.

In the book mentioned above, General Colin Powell shared how he was honored to be acknowledge by President Ronald Reagan who signed a photo of the two them stating, “Colin, when you tell me something I know it to be so.” That statement came from repeated experiences of General Powell rising about everything else to speak what was true and  to have enough strength to soar above the stormy skies. That acknowledgement came because Powell is a man who is a great leader.

Leaders, Are YOU Choosing In-tegrity as a Core Value?

Core Values are an important aspect of our character… in fact, they reveal what type of character we are. I like to think of core values as ways for us to identify who we are at our core, or our essence.

Mine are reverence, authenticity, simplicity, and enthusiasm 🙂 When you hear these, it gives you some insight regarding the type of person I am. From these core values I guide my life… even my business decisions. When my core values are lived into, my world flows effortlessly and I’m about as happy as can be!

Do you know what your core values area? Do you allow them to guide you? I will explain more about these in the next month. For now, I just ask you to remember that IN-tegrity is an inside job and it definitely supports leaders to soar!

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: How do you allow integrity and your core values to support your success as a leader? Share in the comment sections so we can learn from each others 🙂


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  1. Honesty is one of my core values. I’m struggling with leadership and intergrity–not in my own small company–but in the larger corporate job that I contract with. The current process feels very manipulative to me and I’m struggling with respecting my leader as a result. Too often large companies are embracing the call for integrity among its denizens and yet do not instill them because of manipulative tactics–which they don’t see as manipulation. I am faced with dealing with these tactics and struggle with my own inner peace as I do so. Not sure what the answer is. Thanks for letting me share.

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