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Encouraging Support for Business Owners

Excited women giving encouragement from a brick balcony.
What type of encouraging support team are you to improve YOUR Success Rate?

Encouraging Support for Business Owners:
This should be a priority for you!

You developing an encouraging support team can swiftly offset the following experiences. Are you deflated half-way through the day? Do you wish you had someone cheering you on? Have you ever said,”I just wish I had someone to keep me moving forward?” If you have, you’re definitely not alone!

Every day I’m speaking with Big Business Leaders, Small Business Owners, and Growth-focused Entrepreneurs. Even though each of these work environments looks very different, all the Business Leaders have the same issue: They feel alone. 

It doesn’t need to be lonely “at the top”! Usually this is because you haven’t taken the time to create your support team. Depending upon which type of Business Leader you are, you may call this YOUR Executive Team, YOUR Advisors, or YOUR Balcony. Regardless of the name, it directly impacts YOUR Business’s Performance.

My favorite technique for Encouraging Support?

The Balcony. For me, the Balcony is it! Think of a performer on a stage. When they are completed with their performance, they look up to the balcony and extend love and appreciation. Why? The people who are seated there are the performer’s support team.

The Balcony is usually filled with people who function within different expertise. For hundreds of years, there’s always been financial and marketing/promotion expert, and expertise advisor and someone who provides encouraging support to keep the performer achieving their goals. Doubt me? Reflect upon Opera Houses. It’s undeniable history. Today, we’d call it “boxes” at a stadium event.

Leading a business requires you to have your support team in place so you can lean on them when necessary. It would be an excellent practice to meet with them routinely, individually or collectively. There’s not need to wait until you are in dire need of their wisdom.

In fact, it’s ideal to be in relationship with them on a regular basis. This consistency keeps you advancing at a good pace to achieve your objectives. Their wisdom will keep you focused on Right Thoughts and Right Actions to secure your vision.

Remember: No one succeeds, nor fails, alone.

As a Business Leader, you always are impacted by others, as well as impacting others. It’s your responsibility to select members of your balcony who will support you. You want them to encourage, help, inspire, or what I summarize as support.

Begin Building YOUR Balcony Today!

  1. Make a list of who may be the best people you know who may help you advance YOUR Business’s Performance and YOUR professional development. 
  2. Reach out to them. Share your concept of what you’re trying to accomplish and invite them to become one of YOUR Balcony Members.
  3. Be prepared to tell more of what you expect from YOUR Balcony Members. 

Please remember to stay in communication with YOUR Balcony. They offer encouraging support to keep you advancing. I sure hope it doesn’t need to be said that you should send them a Thank You card.

Have fun creating this team to support you moving forward. This is a great power move.

What’s one of the topics you’d like to have supported through YOUR Balcony Members? 


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