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Aligning strategies and actions for greater profitability

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Aligning strategies and actions illustrated by a figure skating couple as she is balancing on his knee.
Every Small Business Owner has a daily balance act of aligning strategies and actions.

Aligning strategies and actions for greater profitability:
An every day Small Business occurrence

When you begin aligning strategies and actions something magical happens. In business it’s call revenue and ultimately profit if you managed your operations well. Profit is the hallmark of Business Success.

Aligning strategies and actions isn’t as easy at it appears for most Small Business Owners (SBOs). Gee, I admit getting stung by this one from time to time too! Even if it isn’t always easy to implement, it is a very simple concept to grasp and apply.

Yet, some how this most basic requirement of all business can be quite elusive to SBOs and it doesn’t need to be so!

If you have a goal, objective, or milestone, do you take the best actions to achieve it?

If you wanted to run a marathon within a year, would you be learning about healthy living and exercise and then taking the appropriate actions? Yes. Why? Those specific actions will support you achieving what you want.

I know this is so practical that we often overlook the simplicity and try to hack it. But a simplified strategy doesn’t need any hacking it’s already simplified to deliver success. Perhaps instead of figuring out ways to hack something we should just start doing it first.

Now back to aligning strategies and actions to deliver the results you seek for YOUR Business Success. At different points throughout the business year it’s good to assess performance. If you aren’t on the Success Path you sought, it may be time to create new and simplified strategies and align actions to fulfill your aspiration.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
What is it that you want to accomplish in business?

What plan or simplified strategy can you create to help YOUR Business? There’s probably a myriad of ways you could accomplish it, just pick one. Now that you have your strategy, which actions could you take to secure your success? I call these “right actions”.

If part of YOUR Business Success depends upon your writing a book, wouldn’t it make sense to write every day? Of course it would. I admit this is over-simplified, but I chose this one to prove a point. Simplifying your strategies is key! Aligning strategies and actions to achieve what you seek is the only way to assure success.

Aligning Strategies and Actions  in Action:

What are you waiting for? Pick one things you’d like to achieve. What must you accomplish to achieve it? Write down your strategies. Then align the actions to meet your goal.

Next week I’ll be publishing my 800th blogpost here. I assure you that just didn’t happen over the past 5 years because I dabbled at it when I felt like it. This blog became part of a larger business strategy for my business. Committing to posting high quality content 3 times a week was necessary for me to accomplish what I’m seeking.

I assure you if I didn’t know it was the “right action” to align with my strategies, I surely wouldn’t have been this committed to it for all these years. There’s a great deal of planning to accomplish these right actions to attain my goal.

TIP: One of the easiest ways I’ve learned to accomplish grand milestones is to keep showing up. Eventually you orient yourself in the right direction. Click on this link for a great example: The Business Movie Review for the movie “Rudy”.

This can be easier than you’re thinking. Get out of your head and start creating a plan. If you are hungry for success, you’ll try anything new. Give it a shot – you might just surprise yourself!

What are you seeking to gain by aligning strategies and actions within YOUR Business? Feel free to share in the comments section to help other readers learn.


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p.s. Don’t over complicate aligning strategies and actions to actualize what you want to bring to YOUR Business and personal success.

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