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Do you do the right thing?

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Doing the right thing can make a huge difference for your customer and your business.

Do you do the right thing?

“Doing the right thing” isn’t a new approach for successful business; yet, it still isn’t common sense. Doing what’s right is what separates YOUR Customers from having a good experience or not. If a customer isn’t happy, the responsibility falls on you as a Small Business Owners to either correct the situation or do the best you can to diffuse your unsatisfied customer.

Now as a customer I know you know this and want to have your providers treat you appropriately. My question stands to reason: As a provider, do you do what is necessary to keep YOUR Customers happy?

It could make or break your business. How? You never know who the person is that you’re serving or who they know.

Wrinkling out a customer’s unfavorable experience allows you the opportunity to shine and become their super-hero OR their villain!

Of course, just after I write about YOUR Customer Service Score in last week’s post, I end up staying at one of the worst customer service hotels – ever! (That’s saying a lot considering I’m a Harley rider). 

Here’s how our weekend’s stay at a hotel played out…

Funny thing… even though there were unsatisfactory things with the Customer User Experience, I can often look beyond this. What took me and my husband over the edge was the over lack of not caring about their customer. Let me share a few, I could go on but I’ll share 5 with you to see how this happens. It’s always the little things.


  • Clerical errors in the check-in process, which added 25 minutes to the check-in process.
  • Rolling eyes when I asked how to get to our room.
  • Knocking on my door at 11:02am and the head housekeeper telling me I needed to leave the room immediately or I was going to be charge for another day. (I had our reservations printed that said checkout was at noon. She told me that was a mistake and I needed to leave. I said,”I expect you will honor your reservations.” She told me I had to speak to a manager. Want to guess what I did next?)
  • We were told breakfast was served until 11am. The head of the breakfast area started closing the doors  at 9:50am letting us know that we could “still get out but the doors are locked from the other side so no one else could come in.”
  • Approximately at 9:30am a guest asked the server if he could have more waffle batter since the dispenser wasn’t providing him the proper amount. The server responded, “Well, I know it was getting low, but we’re not going to add anymore since we will be closing soon”. (Keep in mind they were suppose to be open until 11am.)

What is necessary to do the right thing?

Most of the time it means the service provider should be practical. It means listening to what YOUR Customer is saying and asking.

This may mean that you do what is best for YOUR Customer. Perhaps it requires you to put your attitude or the protocols aside. Maybe it means you stop what you are doing and help YOUR Customer sort out something. It may involve apologizing.

One of the most important things is to uphold what you tell YOUR Customers their experience will be. Do your best to assure that or compensate them in a different fashion. Get creative – learn what would make them happy. Be kind!

Remember: You can be a super-hero or transform into one right before their very eyes. How? Just by doing the right thing!

If the customer service thing doesn’t seem important to you, then think of it as a marketing opportunity. You can create a heckler or promoter – your choices will dictate which one you create.

Slow down, think what YOUR Customer wants and needs. They trusted you with their hard earned money to take care of them. You are in control – do the right thing!

What one thing could you do to improve YOUR Customer’s Experience? Feel free to share what’s going to give you great impact in the comment section.    

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