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How getting my COVID shot impacted productivity

How getting my COVID shot
impacted productivity

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When recovering from a COVID shot, you may discover surprises about your business activities.

Getting my COVID Shot created a very unexpected awareness to help me better understand my productivity levels. Being dubbed a productivity expert, this was amazing to notice. I focus, with great attention, on my productivity. Why? I know it’s one of the key places I can control and make a huge difference in my business’s evolution. 

Curious what happened? Let’s start at the beginning…

Getting my first COVID shot

I was fortunate enough to learn about a clinic providing shots before the states and nation encouraging everyone. I went to my first appointment rather unexpectedly. Only the night before did I learn I was on the schedule. So I went to the clinic, and everything was fine. Then, it happened! I had a harsh recovery that took 5 days to clear. I was in horrible shape. I was on a critical timeline for some big projects involving be a video host for an upcoming summit. The days were brutal. 

I was running a fever, having difficulty breathing, could barely stay awake… and the show must go on! I felt like I was a marionette puppet doll. I would get all propped up for the next show, and then immediately afterward, I would collapse. I did this exhausting routine for four days and needed another two days to recover from not being able to rest enough.

Admittedly, as a Small Business Owner, I have pulled all-nighters for different things, worked over 100 hours in a week more than I should have. Many of us do crazy things, and I’m not here to say I’m a superhero. It’s just the truth of how we show up when we are committed to achieving something.

How did I prepare for my second COVID shot?

When it comes to productivity, I guard my time. When I compromise too much on my schedule, I run into problems. 

So I was smarter than the average bear about my second shot. I didn’t schedule anything critical for the week I had it. In fact, I intensely worked the week before accomplishing what needed to occur. It was a great plan. I gave myself the time and space to recover so I could get back to business in an efficient way.

What happened after my second COVID shot?

I went to bed feeling accomplished that I had given myself the cushion I needed if the reaction was like the first. Upon awakening, I wasn’t feeling so well, so I canceled an appointment the day after the shot. I had forewarned them I may need to do this if I wasn’t feeling well. All was good. 

I was so proud of making myself a priority – something I work on every day. I called this day after the shot my “slow day.” I promised myself I wasn’t going to turn on my laptop. Success – I didn’t! I promised I wasn’t going to walk into the office. Success – I didn’t! I promised I was going to take it easy. Then it happened.

I was getting text messages—many texts. I chose to answer texts in real-time so they wouldn’t get backed up. Four texts were from friends checking in on me. That was great. 

I kept getting messages – lots of them. They just wouldn’t stop! At the end of the day, I was exhausted from all the messages. It seemed nonstop. So I was curious how many texts came in a little less than 10 hours. What’s your guess? I was way off. I had 112 texts. That’s right, 112, subtract the four personal check-ins, and that’s 108 text messages during a typical workday.cell phone image

Is this high text volume regularly occurring?

Since that day, I’m amazed at what’s occurring with my text volume, which gets buried throughout the day of the normal interactions. I’ve been paying attention to what’s happening this week. I’m having about 30 – 45 texts per day on a low day. Other than that, I’m averaging 63 – 89 texts. That’s a lot of communication and distraction.

Irony? I don’t even like texting! I was reluctant to do it when it started. Unfortunately, now I’m proficient.

I know how to manage my high email volume and have it dialed in well that I’m responsive and block time for it. Yet, texting wasn’t on my radar screen as a huge distractor until I was only with it. 

Now I need to research and review my archived text logs to understand if this is the norm. Regardless of what I noticed, it is clear to me I need to make some adjustments, so my texting isn’t eroding my productivity.

Thanks, COVID shot, for helping me find these hidden distractions which are hindering my progress!

Your turn: I invite you to pay more attention to your texting volume during your working hours and find a way to engage with it in time blocks too!

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