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Are you building your business and life by default or by design? Get your adjustments now.

Business: By Default or Design?

There are many Business Owners who manage their business by default instead of design and are frustrated with their business’s performance. Intentional business development increases a business’s success rate and improves its business performance. When Small Business Owners shift their business approach from default to design they feel confident and start to move their business toward excellence.

It’s only Human Nature…

I don’t know many people who like learning things that aren’t natural to them. during the past 20 years, I haven’t seen this change for Small Business Owners.

Human nature has a tendency to resist what it doesn’t like. I’ve seen this show up in many ways in businesses. Most commonly, there are business owners who don’t do their financial books, don’t build out the systems they need for their business to function appropriately, don’t do purpose-driven networking and social media, or avoid learning how to sell.

Human nature doesn’t necessarily support success – not personally nor professionally.

This is precisely why we have instruction, training, coaching, and teachers, mentors, or guides. Simply, to learn what doesn’t come naturally. Little humans, like infants and toddlers, don’t like wearing clothes; yet, we teach them to do so. Children don’t like studying; yet, we teach them. Adults don’t necessarily like schedules or commitments; yet, they adhere. Such examples demonstrate natural default versus design. 

Are you Building a Business by Default or Design?

Now, this is where things get serious! I shared some examples of what the majority of Small Business Owners don’t do. These are essential activities to grow and sustain the business. Are you one of the Small Business Owners who resist?

Chances are you are resisting something and it is impeding upon your and your business’s success rate. I refer to this as default. Conversely, conducting your business by design means you are intentionally conducting business systems and activities to create the desired outcome.

Are you focusing on design?

The design focus approach is on your dream, your intentions, your plans, and your actions all working in unison to fulfill your desired outcome (intentions).

Design isn’t haphazard. Design requires Right Thoughts or a great deal of thinking to develop the vision to be a winning vision.

Your design must have a strategy, or plan, to couple Right Thoughts with Right Actions to successfully deliver the vision.

What are Right Thoughts and Right Actions?

Right Thoughts are all the thinking involved in discerning what will provide your favorable outcomes according to what you intend.

Right Actions are all the actions that align with your Right Thoughts to fulfill your intention.

CLUE: Business is a practice. You design it. If not, default it is being created. Ultimately, default creates those business monsters you’re tangling with on a daily basis.

Why is this important to know and practice?

NOTE: This is the Business Owners path. It’s similar to doctors and therapists, who have a practice and are serving their customers with the best practices they know at that given moment. Additionally, they must complete continuing education and research to stay current with the latest techniques and breakthroughs.

Doesn’t this sound similar to the dynamic business ownership of the 21st century? 

Let me back up a bit…

For over a decade, I’ve been blogging about how to optimize business performance and leadership. Throughout this decade-long conversation, I’ve shared the importance of SELF-Leadership. I chose to write about it in Vol 5 of Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner in the #1 Bestselling Business Book Series for Small Business. I researched SELF-Leadership for over a decade – even wrote about it for my Master’s Thesis. It really boils down to (1) Identifying your Intention and (2) Defining your Action Plan to (3) Achieve Leadership Proficiency – but it isn’t about leading others. It’s about learning how to lead yourself first. This means being responsible and accountable to do and achieve what is necessary to advance. I call this our noble work.

Aligning Thoughts & Actions for a Dynamic Business Design

Let’s fast forward to March 2022. I had the opportunity to be in some particular training. Even though they don’t use these terms, I say it advances SELF-Leadership. The training and tools I’m referencing are through Becoming Your Best Global Leadership. I was surprised how they took best practices and synthesized them into one simplified process and tools to support their participants to become their best. I noticed a direct alignment between all my SELF-Leadership research and their training, which was delivered by a retired US Air Force Fighter Pilot, Rob Shallenberger. 

Rob Shallenberger and his father wrote a great book, Do What Matters Most. It’s been one month since I took their training, I have two mantras running through my mind all day long, “By default or design” and “Am I doing what matters most?”

As I’m moving throughout my business day and my personal life, I continue to ask myself these questions, as if they are a guiding prompt. I invite you to do the same!

Here’s a Powerful Training for Simplifying Your Success

Wisconsin Business Owners is hosting a 1-hour training event for anyone who wants to learn how to Do What Matters Most. Our business partner, Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, will deliver their crystalized training and even ship your materials prior to the training session. I assure you, if you consistently practice their model, you will alter the trajection of your business and life.

Please take a look at this incredible training. I know your jaw will drop when you see what you get and the price point.
Here’s the link:

TIP: I strongly encourage you to register by April 20th so your materials arrive for your April 29th training.

Look forward to seeing you in the training and activation of being and doing what matters most to you – by design.


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