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WHY pen 1000 blogposts for Business Owners and Leaders

Words: Your Excellence Matters with golden fireworks
Publishing 1000 blogposts develops excellence in the author and the reader.

WHY I have penned 1000 blogposts
for Business Leaders

“Why?” is the question everyone asks me as they hear I have committed to serving Business Leaders and Small Business Owners via 1,000 blogposts. And this posts marks my 1000th blogpost. Yay!  Yet, the yay isn’t for me, it’s for you!

Why? You deserve practical and tactical wisdom-sharing that is proven to get favorable results. You deserve to have an tenured well-rounded professional as a guide.

Publishing 1000 Blogposts can be Messy

Business is messy. As a Business Leader, Small Business Owner, or Entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve experienced the messiness of business more than you want to admit.  Yet, your business’s performance requires you to lead your business effectively and efficiently.

Remember: If you aren’t leading your business, who is? Someone else will be or it will die on the vine if it’s not you.

So what do you do when you don’t know how to best tackle something? Especially when there isn’t anyone to ask a question. How do you proceed in a way to improve your business’s success rate? 

Why not have a guide who can hear the train-wreck coming down the tracks before you even see it?

Why not have a guide to show you how to clean-up that train-wreck you may already be experiencing?

Better yet, why not learn how to prevent your train-wreck or wrecks?

When I started this blog 8 years ago, I was challenged to share my journey as Business Owner and Leader. Not having a single clue what it would look like. At times it was very messy.

Even though we’re well established at this point, sometimes I never knew where we’re going to land with topics. Why? I let Business Owners and Leaders tell me what they want to know about. So some of the topics over the past 8 years have been planned, while others have been added as the needs arise. I love this flexibility. This variety keeps it very interesting for me.

Blogging Celebrations

Last month we celebrated our 8th year blogging. Here’s that blogpost, which explains some of the the topics you find here:  Celebrating 8 years of Blogging for Small Business Owners

Note: Pay extra attention to the different types of posts I’ve written. Check them out and see what you can learn. Don’t be surprised that you business’s performance may improve applying the techniques I teach.

What did I learn by penning 1000 blogposts?

I learned delivering an ongoing project of this magnitude requires one to move beyond their personal challenges… and with blogging, there can be many. 

Perhaps the 5 points I learned is:

1. I honed my craft

Overtime, as a created these blogposts and worked with clients, it became more evident to me that I truly am an expert in my areas, surprise! I came to realize that I am an excellent Master Business Coach & Trainer, as well as a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach. Then, the biggies started happening: becoming an Authority, and whoa – a Small Business Influencer too! 

2. I discovered I have the right stuff

I learned I have enormous strength and courage to overcome anything. Guess that sounds like confidence, doesn’t it? It also sounds like perseverance. I overcame not knowing anything about blogging and researching it back in the Wild West Days of the Internet, when there wasn’t any one teaching about blogging. Wow, that was even before SEO was a thing. I learned that I love experimenting and analyzing the results of what I’m creating and masterminding.

3. The power of commitment

When you say you’re going to do something, do it! I showed up when I could only type with one hand, when I didn’t know what I would write about, when I had a Brain Trauma Injury (unfortunately, you might be able to figure out which posts those were), and when I had nothing left to write. It isn’t about me, it is about you. This is about showing up when I said I would. It is about delivering the best I could for, and to, you.

4. Just keep showing up

This one amazed me! 8 years ago, I had no clue what was waiting to emerge to help others who lead businesses. I just kept showing up. This was no small feat at times. I’m not a professional blogger (as in blogging is my business model), but I am an avid blogger. Blogging is one of the free ways I deliver high value free content for everyone. One of my goals: I don’t ever want price to be an objective to getting superior advisement. Voila! Now I have enough content for at least 20 solid eBooks. Maybe one day I’ll have time to create them 🙂

5. Allow yourself to blossom

At first whatever you take on may not look pretty at all – even messy! You’re in uncharted territory. Stay with it and put your thumbprint on your business and its projects. Through blogging, I learned how unconventional my approaches are, which is why they get unconventional results for me and my clients. I also allowed myself to grow where I planted myself. Did my topics, formatting, and tone changed over all these posts? Sure! Why wouldn’t they? I’m still growing.


Small Business Owners, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs are good people who need to develop strategies and supporting tasks in real time. Having some essential resources, like this blog, to support their success rate. No one needs to walk alone through the journey of leading a business and all its nuances.

If you allow yourself the opportunity to look at how to simplify your thoughts and actions, so you can step into Right Thoughts and Right Actions, your business will outlast many others. Are you looking to be creative in how you conduct business? If so, you will build a business that brings you joy! If you want to focus on simplifying your business, it will bring you peace while you experience profit. 

My focus and commitment is to help you accomplish all those things by shaving years off you learning curve on the big things and the little things. If you’d like more practical wisdom-sharing like this, take a moment and sign-up for these blogposts to come directly to your inbox. Once a week, and maybe a booster when I do a Business Movie Review or something extra special is occurring, and I’d like to share with you.

Thank you for celebrating this wonderful milestone of publishing our 1000 blogposts for you!

Here’s my parting question: What have you consistently delivered to your business 1000 times? (OR what would you like to be delivering to your business 1000 times?)

I hope that whatever it is, you bring your best to it and provide your best to others!

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments you have regarding your business’s success.

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