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Learn the 5 lessons Maggie experienced while blogging for 8 years to Business Owners. Then, accept the invitation at the bottom of the post.

Celebrating 8 Years of Blogging
for Small Business Owners

Wow, 8 years of blogging is a long time to be blogging! Small Business Owners need sound support, fresh ideas, for new strategies and aligned actions to achieve stronger business performance and increase their business success rate.

Each week for the past 8 years, we’ve been serving up one blogpost after another to help you. You’ve had the opportunity to learn and apply proven techniques to improve your business.

Here’s 5 lessons I learned while blogging for 8 years!

Maggie’s Lesson 1:
Experimentation is a Powerful Learning Approach

When I was speaking with my first webmaster, he encouraged me to start write to build a following. Back then that was”white papers” and “Dear Maggie” letters that I’d post onto my site (the beginning of my blogging career in another form). That was 2008. Being who I am, I accepted this odd challenge. I formulated how I wanted to do this blogging thing. Some of you may not realize that back then, blogging was a Wild-West Online Activity – anything was acceptable as a blogpost!

In 2009 I had created a blog for Business Leaders. I posted once a week. Then true to my disruptor ways, I added a Call-In Podcast to further discuss the blogposts’ topic. I did this for a year. It was fun and it was far too cutting edge and quite complicated to produce back in those days. So I stopped doing that because I was pivoting my business to address the changes which occurred from the 2008 marketplace.

In Spring of 2011, my then Webmaster invited me to begin blogging again. I accepted the challenge since he assured me this would help with my organic SEO Rankings. (see next paragraph)

TIP: Liberally experiment as all Possibilitarians do!

Maggie’s Lesson 2:
Procrastination Kills Success

I committed to doing a blog. But what about? What did I want to write about? More importantly, what did my marketplace want to here? Did I have my marketplace defined enough? 

All those were great questions. But the one that was freaking me out … was I ready to commit to writing blogposts 3 times a week? Back then, that was what you needed to do to get google’s attention for SEO Rankings.

The answer was, “Sure I have a good amount of value to offer my marketplace, but how is it going to look and how do I begin?” Those questions held me up from launching by blogpost by a couple of months. 

Why? I knew once I started, I had to stay with it. admittedly very few people are ready to take on a project of this magnitude! And so we dived in – all in.

FACT: Most marriages in America end in divorce in less time than I’ve been blogging. 

Here I am celebrating 8 years of blogging, so I guess I’m all in! During these 8 years, I wrote and experimented with all sorts of relevant topics. I did book reviews almost right out of the gate. I shared articles and quotes. All to help the Business Owner or Business Leader find fresh perspectives to support their business’s vision.

TIP: Don’t wait. Dive in with all you might to learn what really wants to emerge!

Maggie’s Lesson 3:
The Power of Play and Possibilities

Playfulness, to me, is about having fun while playing with possibilities… via experimenting. This isn’t just with work – it’s with downtime as well!

One of the things I learned about myself is how I could see business strategies and techniques in everything- even movies that had nothing to do with business as all. Example: The opening scene in Monsters, Inc. has a phenomenal business lesson for everyone. 

FACT: In 2011 I watched a movie and make commentary of what I learned from it that I could apply to my business. That was the beginning of my ever popular Business Movies Reviews. Check them out in the categories section of the blog. Currently there are 80 different movies for you to review and watch. You’ll be amazed- everything from kids movies for the family to war and comedy movies to learn from- we cover the spectrum!

Here’s how I value delivering innovative ways of business wisdom-sharing:

Love nature? Here’s one: 5 Sales Lessons from a Tomato Plant

How did WD-40 get it’s name and why it matters to you.

Still not taking the time of you need? Read this: Vacationing is Vital to Your Business’s Success

Need a little mind-set boost? Excellence as the Spirit of YOUR Work

Even counter-intuitive, yet highly successful strategies: Smaller Wins Hurt Business Growth

TIP: Have more fun while working. I double-dog dare you!

Maggie’s Lesson 4:

Ask any Project Manager and they’ll share how important preparation and planning is to succeed. Blogging is not any different from any other ongoing business project. 

Being prepared implies being pro-active and planning so you know how to show up prepared. Over the years I learned the value of having an editorial calendar to guide my topics and when is the best time to present them. We always want our marketing to be relevant, don’t we?

This involved me being getting proactive and working with a calendar. There are times this was very advantageous – like when I created a series: Are you being a push over business owners to your own business? or even time-relevant posts like: 3 Point Mid-Quarter Small Business Performance Check-In

TIP: Whatever you do, planning and preparation will support your success. This reveals the power of one of my famous quotes: Slow Down to Accelerate“.

Maggie’s Lesson 5: 
Be Yourself

Be yourself. Infuse YOUR Personality and favorite flavors into your business and all its communications. If I wouldn’t of done that, I wouldn’t have the wonderful following of readers and consistent flow of clients to guide. 

I’ve said this forever…  Small Business Owners, your business is a reflection of you – allow yourself to be seen.

8 YEARS OF BLOGGING NOTE: Of course this post is longer than most. Thanks for hanging in there! The other good news is our 1,ooth Blogpost will appearing in less than a month. Let me know what you’d like to see on that one 🙂

Thank you for allowing me tho help improve YOUR Business through my 8 years of blogging. I appreciate you!

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments you have regarding your business’s success.

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