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3 point mid-quarter small business performance check-in

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Allow your Mid-Quarter Performance Check-In illuminate and guide your business’s success.

3 Point Mid-Quarter
Small Business Performance Check-In

Mid-Quarter Check-ins are one of my favorite business activities. Well, next to seeing a client’s face light-up when they understand why they’ve had a gap in their business’s performance.

These check-ins allow you to identify what is impeding upon your business’s success rate. Additionally, when you do this mid-quarter, you gift yourself enough time to make corrective actions to secure the (each) quarter as victorious!

Too many Small Business Owners (SBOs) wait until the end of the quarter, when everything is retrospective and can’t be changed. Be a better SBO and get proactive to secure a successful quarter!

Often clients ask me how to secure a successful quarter. They always think there is special secret or magic bullet. Besides planning out the quarter, the secret is to do a mid-quarter performance check-in. It only needs to take 30 – 60 minutes.

Your mid-quarter performance check-in may be the most profit-securing activity you do during each quarter. I only focus on 3 things for this check-in.

3 Point Mid-Quarter Performance Check-In

1 My Clients’ Customer Journey 

Question: Do you have a well defined Customer Journey to support your success rate?

I review the feedback I’ve been getting and make appropriate adjustments. I begin by reviewing my Customer Service Score  (click the link to learn more). That blogpost article provides a quick overview of  both Customer Experience and User Experience and what you should be assessing. 

The adjustments you make to both experiences are where you secure your revenue and profits. Why? The improvements you make here are what give’s your customers a great experience. This usually translates to: repeat customers, loyal customers, great testimonials, and easy referrals.

2 My Sales Goals

Question: If you don’t have a goal, how do you know when it’s time to double-down or celebrate?

You are wise and already know this answer. Each quarter should have a sales goal. Most likely they are different for each quarter because your customers have higher demands for your offering at different times throughout the year. If they don’t, chances are there are different times of the year when you work longer and shorter weeks. This is natural. Create your sales goals accordingly.

Sales are the juice that keeps your business alive. I see many SBOs spending too much time on other activities (networking, social media, email, etc.) which don’t close sales. We have two avenues to close sales in the 21st century – in person or online. Both sales avenues require mastery of the science and art. 

Are you having enough sales conversation in person? What about online? If not, you need to find someone to teach you how to do this effectively. Unless your business is 100% online, many SBOs are still struggling with inbound marketing and sales. Learn more about improving sales in-person and online.

3 My Time Management or Productivity Management

Question: Is your performance slowing down your business’s success rate?

As a SBO, I understand how my effectiveness and efficiency impact my business’s success rate. I also understand that time management is a myth. Humans can’t manage time because we can’t control it. However, we can manage our productivity levels. Click here to watch short video.

When you first look at your productivity levels the first thing to notice isn’t your team or other’s levels, it’s your own. Why? You have the opportunity to 100% control (manage) your productivity levels. You can only influence others’ productivity levels.

The first things I do:

A) I de-clutter my physical workspace. This helps minimize visual promptings, which usually become distractions.

B) I look at any other digital organization I need to complete or organize. 

TIP: Schedule 30 – 60 minutes/day to schedule Inbox Management. (This was a power move for my productivity levels. Back in 2015, the average office worker received 121 emails/day. I know I get at least that each day. Inbox Management helps you control your mental bandwidth, which improves your productivity.)

C) Project management review is essential. It supports and guides which activities make it to your schedule. It helps you prioritize. What needs to move to the top of your list? Which appointments, people, or conversations need quick attention? What can take a back seat for now, or even get postponed into another quarter?

BONUS: Begin thinking of your schedule as a Triage Center – just like the TV Show M*A*S*H. One of my teachers taught me this over 10 years ago. Only work on what needs your attention, right now, to advance your business’s progress.


Today, or this week, make time to schedule 30-60 minutes to complete the above 3 Point Mid-Quarter Performance Check-In. Create your plan. Most importantly, make time to support your business’s success and your sanity!

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments you have about owning a relationship for your business’s success.


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