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Mental Strength Awareness for Small Business Owners

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Mental Strength helps create better business decisions.

Mental Strength Awareness
for Small Business Owners

Mental Strength of Small Business Owners is not a small conversation at all. It includes conversations about showing up, persevering, managing success and failure, time-outs, tenacity, and balance. Small Business Owners (SBOs) and CEOs have similar mental strength requirements.

Yes, Small Business Owners need to at least as mentally strong as a CEO. 

SBOs may need to be even mentally stronger than CEOs because they don’t have an enormous team to delegate responsibilities to.  Is there another reason regarding why this may be more of a struggle for SBOs and not CEOs? Yes, CEOs are usually trained for years, or even decades, to learn how to effectively lead a business. 

I’ve shared many times before: you are the CEO of YOUR Business. Everything begins and ends with you. You are responsible for all decisions. You set the tone and pace. Regardless of its size, you run a business. Thus, you are a Business Leader.  YOUR Business’s Success is dependent upon you embracing this!

So why don’t you feel like a CEO?

One of the most common reasons I’ve heard over my 15 years of coaching SBOs is: “CEOs are jerks. I don’t want to be a jerk.” Other words in this conversation are reckless, insensitive, or making decisions according to the almighty dollar.

Many SBOs also believe they are impostors as Business Leaders.

Here’s the truth: If you aren’t showing up to powerfully lead YOUR Business, you are an impostor. Are you an impostor?

Being a competent SBO means you are mindful – you make better decisions for all parties concerned. It doesn’t matter if your decisions impact one or 100 people, you make mindful decisions. 

Too many SBOs are being reckless like the CEOs they’re opposing.

Explanation: When you aren’t working at your potential or doing the marketing and sales to generate revenue, you are being reckless. Additionally, your physical and mental wellness is taking a hit for you not doing what you need to do. 

What about your family and friends? Are you spending pleasurable time with them? Perhaps you’re fretting because there’s bills to pay and you don’t have money to do what you’d like.  

Are you missing out on opportunities to support and/or grow your business because you don’t have the necessary funds? This is not uncommon for many SBOs.  

The Mental Game for SBOs

If you are CEO adverse, embrace being a Business Leader or Small Business Owner.  These are roles with responsibilities and require you to be flex your mental capabilities. 

The key here is to appropriately keep your head in the game. 

When I work with clients, we work to develop their mindset, and teach them how to simplify strategies and align actions in order to effectively lead and manage their business. When they get to this point, they are effectively operating their business. They make different decisions because they know what their business specifically needs. They know how to make appropriate decisions to support success and growth.

Once clients demonstrate this ability, I “promote” them. Want to guess what happens next? They are leading the direction of their business’s success. Their business expands and they are reaping the rewards of improving their mental capabilities.

Is there more to this? Yes. However, I want to share that most likely what’s keeping you from succeeding in YOUR Business is right between your ears. Now, here’s the hard part: it’s difficult to make the shift without a guide/mentor/coach, etc. Why? It’s easy to slip back into familiar under-performing habits and not recognize it. 

New business requires a new way of thinking

It doesn’t matter who you have help you with this shift, just get the assistance to help you learn a different way of mental processing so you can show up strong to support YOUR Business. It needs your assistance with this – it can’t do this without you! This is one of those unspoken Small Business Owner requirements you don’t hear about until after you’re in (if then).  

Mental Awareness Action Item:

While you find the best person who knows how to serve you appropriately with the business and mental improvements, get a book about a successful business leader or leader. Research, yes study a new role model like Gandhi or Ben Franklin.

The other good read would be to learn more about performance and/or success. These authors won’t disappoint: Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Brendon Burchard, Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, Darren Hardy, Emmet Fox, or Stephen R. Covey.

Strong minds make better decisions for Small Business success. Feel free to share your comments below. 

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