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Managing tactics can be easy to accomplish

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. TOPIC: Managing tactics illustrated by the military having a helicopter drop and boat near another boat while in pursuit.
How are you effectively managing tactics on a daily basis?

Managing tactics can be easy to accomplish:
Avoid these 3 obstacles

Managing tactics can appear to be a full time job for most Small Business Owners (SBOs). What grade would you give yourself for being able to manage tactics on a consistent basis?

Tactics are the “doing”, whereas strategies are the “thinking”. YOUR Business Performance is dependent upon you mastering both strategies and tactics to be profitable.

A vast majority of SBOs masterfully create To-Do Lists. A few may even accomplish them. Unfortunately there is a gap between the intention of completing tasks and actualizing them.

“Action expresses priorities.” 
~Mahatma Gandhi

Over the past 15 years, I’ve witnessed and work with a myriad of clients. My own research with SBOs reveals there are 3 interfering factors.

3 interfering factors of effectively managing tactics:

  1. Lack of clarity of understanding how to build a tactics list
  2. Waning willpower or perseverance
  3. Lack of commitment, which activates self-sabotage

Some SBOs don’t know the basics of managing tactics because they don’t know the strategy behind how to build a good list. Most of the time they develop frustrating endless To-Do Lists and burn-out trying to fulfill them each day. This has to do with managing priorities.

When SBOs are sticking to their plan, they are demonstrating their acceptance and the importance of their dreams and goals. Conversely, when SBOs deviate from their planned tactics they disconnect from what their tactical list is trying to accomplish. This means their current goals are misaligned with what they truly desire to actualize.

Last, self-sabotage is also common in small business ownership. Why? When people are given more freedom, they tend to do less and procrastinate. The “Oh, I’ll get to that later Syndrome” sets in.  It’s like a weed once it takes root. It will take over and impede your projects.

When you allow too many weeds to overtake your schedule, you wander aimlessly and don’t deliver what matters. You succumb to busyness.

How are you showing up?

I understand the importance of self-management (controlling oneself). Every year there are different times I struggle with this too – and I’m classified as a high-performer! Sometimes it’s just too easy to say, “Not today” or “I just don’t feel like that”. Who doesn’t struggle with this from time to time?

The moment of truth is what are you going to do when you notice you aren’t showing up to properly support YOUR Business. If you step into an action toward your goals and dreams, you place yourself on the track of a winner. If you step into action in a different direction, you aren’t fulfilling your objective to achieve your desired success. 

Ready for this ah-ha? If you step away from your goal, perhaps it’s time to find a goal which is more meaningful to you OR perhaps it’s time you get busy creating what you said you wanted to manifest. Only you can decided what’s the next best step.

Want to tighten up how to build a good plan for managing tactics?

Click here: Daily Routines Support Small Business Success
Click here: Focus on 5 -Concentrating Success (this helps you build out your daily list)

If you need help understanding goals and more on time management, I recommend: 

GOALS! by Brian Tracy
Time Power by Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a master of this topic. If you need the foundational teaching of how to deliver your dream using goals and time management – these are the two books! If you need a refresher, you’ll love these books!

WARNING: Don’t just read this article! Take the action to gain momentum to build your business. The fourth quarter is nearing. This could make all the difference of you meeting your 2017 Goals or not. What are you waiting for? This is easier to accomplish if you make daily incremental actions.

Curious? What do you need help for managing tactics more effectively?


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p.s.: Boost YOUR Productivity by taking strong daily actions.

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