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Daily Routines Support Successful Business Owners

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Daily Routines Support Endless Business Success once created and followed daily.

Daily Routines Support Successful
Business Owners

Daily routines are either loved or hated by Business Owners. In particular, Small Business Owners (SBOs) loath routines. SBOs want to be a free spirit – no longer caged by The Man.

Unfortunately the SBOs who are haters of daily routines are still under the illusion that being a Business Owner means you can do what you want when you want. To which I say: Not so much!

SBOs, YOUR Business Success depends upon YOUR Business being profitable. This means you need to show up and tend to your baby’s (your business) needs. Why? It can’t do a single thing without you.

Daily Routines Haters Take Notice!

Now if you’re one of the haters of Daily Routines and still struggling to become profitable, this is a key place for improving your performance. In the last 24 hours I’ve worked on this with a new client and a client who is building an empire and needs to step-up his personal effectiveness to a new realm.

Just like work-out routines, which help us focus on our physical well-being, daily routines for work help us focus on our business’s well-being.

Admittedly, sometimes we think we need a break. I agree that all SBOs need a daily time-out! However, it becomes dangerous when we have more time-outs than we, and our business, need. Creating daily routines is one of the best ways to prevent this from happening.

Oversimplified 6 Steps to Creating YOUR Daily Routine

  1. Write out your weekly commitments (networking, sales, marketing, support activities, etc.)
  2. Prioritize your list in order of most important to generate revenue.
  3. Then create a weekly plan of how your week should look to generate the revenue you seek.
  4. Experiment for 2 weeks with your plan – work it.
  5. Refine your plan for the next 2 weeks and work it.
  6. Repeat for a third time and you should be close to optimizing your daily routine.

Tip: These 6 Steps help you simplify your strategy and align your actions for profitability and peace of mind. Don’t over-complicate it! It’s eloquent enough to support success almost effortlessly!

Want to share what’s at the top of your priority list for your daily routine? Feel free to comment or ask questions in the comment section.


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