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Website analytics provide you with golden nuggets

Gold bars
Get busy mining the gold hiding in your website analytics and soar!

Website analytics provide you
with golden nuggets

Website analytics are important to every Small Business Owner. Just because you haven’t looked at yours, doesn’t mean you won’t find valuable information to improve YOUR Business’s Performance.

The fact that you don’t know what these analytics are revealing about your website’s performance is all the more reason to learn about accessing and analyzing them. (I know, right now every marketer and webmaster is jumping for joy!)

For 8 years now, I’ve been blogging about the different aspects of business performance. As we shift even further into digital business and the necessity of businesses having a strong presence online, understanding your website analytics is essential to your business growth

The key to understanding your business’s online performance is understanding your website analytics.

Why? Without these analytics, which monitor and record every movement occurring on your website, you don’t know what is happening once people come to your site.

Your website is similar to a physical store

Think of your website as a physical store. People come onto your site through any door you open. Giving people a link to a specific page on your site is like giving them a special direct-access key to that areas of your site.

The business’s main entrance is mostly likely your home page – it’s always ready to receive more visitors. Maybe your want some people to enter through a side door – like a landing page or blog. There’s plenty of ways for them to enter.

A physical store is organized by categories of products. For websites that organization is labeled via your navigational bar or your scroll down sections.

Visitors peruse different things when they enter a store. Websites are no different.

Visitors will navigate and investigate whatever captivates their interest. Store managers respond and make adjustments to their signage, prices, and positioning. A good Small Business Owner (SBO) will do the same.

If you don’t know what your visitors are interested in and what they’re doing on your site, how will you know what to provide them? 

Your website analytics provide valuable insights

If you haven’t seen your site’s analytics, you may be overwhelmed at first. I would strongly encourage you to find a mentor to assist your learning curve.

Before I partnered with my current Webmaster, Keith Klein of On Your Mark, LLC, I knew my basic website analytics and would look at them a couple times a year. Then I asked Keith questions, and he taught me how to properly review and analyze the revealing stats. It was amazing, everything and anything is measured.

True to my curious and experimental approach to life, I practice what I preach and started experimenting with different phrases and approaches over the years. This is how I learned you really like it when I create Business Movie Reviews for you – the numbers revealed this.

Good marketers talk about A/B Testing. When you do this type of experimenting you need to review your stats to see which option is performing better. Of course there are specialists in this type of work and you probably aren’t one of them. Thus, find someone to help your learning curve – leave this one to the professionals so you can focus on what you do best!

My latest golden nugget from analyzing website stats

I noticed that over the past several months there’s been a consistent shift in when my blogposts are being read. 

When I first started blogging, I was publishing blogposts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. During the summer my Friday readers dropped off. So I adjusted Friday’s publishing to Thursday.

Then around my 750th blogpost I dropped down to two publishings a week. I experimented with different days and found when publishing serve my marketplace best.

Around my 800th post I was loosing the sizzle to my fizzle and shifted to other types of writings so I took my blogposting to one post week. I experimented and Mondays were the day. That was true for a very long time – until the past few months.

As we approach our 1000th blogpost this month, midweek is when most of my customers are reading my blogposts. My website analytics told me when I should be publishing for my audience. With the guidance of scientific evidence, I’m adjusting my publishing day to Wednesdays – starting with this post.

Will this be best? The stats will reveal if it is or isn’t. Maybe by new blogposts will appear on Tuesday. Don’t know if that’s advantageous for my customers until I get some new data to review.

Website Analytics Tips:

Practice reviewing your analytics or having someone do this for you is priceless! This helps you make better decisions in real-time to serve and capitalize on what serves your marketplace best. 

Website TIP: Research still supports that the most viewed, or top three viewed, of your pages on your site is your Contact Page. If you don’t have one, get one please! (It’s equivalent to Store Hours and phone number of a physical store). 

BONUS TIP: Please share at least your city and state AND a phone number. If you don’t want people calling your private phone, get a free google phone number. Make yourself accessible to attract more business.

Last: If you still haven’t seen my post of sharing The 5 Lessons I Learned from 8 Year of Blogging for Small Business Owners  check it out! It’s a great wisdom-sharing and highlights some interesting learning points.

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments you have regarding your business’s success.

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