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How to combat being frustrated with your business

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Frustrated Small Business Owners: Apply these steps to feel free again.

How to combat being frustrated with your business

Small Business Owners are commonly frustrated with their own businesses. Why? There’s always room for improvement is the first reason. This is natural. The other common reason is Small Business Owners (SBOs) typically don’t know business. If they did, they’d be doing what I do instead of being experts at what they do.

Why are you frustrated?

Reason 1: Ongoing Improvement

If it’s because there’s always room for improvement, which is true, you may be unnecessarily stressing yourself. Continuous improvement is a way of life and business. It’s how you improve YOUR Business’s Performance.

Your business has it’s own needs – just like a child. Similarly, it will require different things from you at different times. Heck, a looming project deadline or a website crashing is very similar to kids running fevers or being sick – they may not let you sleep. How many nights haven’t you slept soundly this year?

If you want ongoing success, business evolution and improvements will always be. This is part of business.

Adopt the mindset of it’s OK not to do everything this week. Why? Because it is! You’ll move through your days more peacefully if you can learn to accept this. Not being part of The Resistance will serve you well! 

TIP: Prioritize what you want and when you want it completed. Then either hire a guide (coach, mentor, etc) or outsource these types of projects. You should focus on leading your business – this is how you serve your business best.

Reason 2: Being in Uncharted Territory

Now, if you’re frustrated because your business is crushing you, that’s a different challenge to combat. This is the stuff that keeps you up at night. Are you losing sleep, sleeping restlessly, or just shutting down?

If so, you need to combat your feelings of frustration by stepping into action.

Usually SBOs who are being crushed or in a mental fog are frustrated because they don’t know what to do to get the results they seek. Is this you?

TIP: Doing isn’t going to get you different results. You need first spend time thinking right thoughts and doing the right things to get the results you seek. 

So how do you know if you need to step into certain actions or even what the right actions are?

Here’s the bad news: you don’t. You’re in uncharted territory. Everything is foreign. You may spend too much time doing something that doesn’t even give you any traction (I call this busy work).

WARNING: Busy is not the same as progress. Don’t get caught in the illusion that all actions secure your destination – they don’t.

5 Ways to Combat being Frustrated:

  1. Admit you don’t know this territory you’re travelling through.
  2. Acknowledge you need assistance – guides exist for a reason.
  3. Allow yourself the opportunity to find the assistance you really need.
  4. Accept the guidance you’re given.
  5. Accelerate your success by making better decisions to support it!

REMEMBER: Being in uncharted territory isn’t a reflection on your expertise. It simply means you’re expanding your horizon and stepping out of your comfort zone. This is called growth. Embrace the journey. It will be more fun with a guide and you will shave years off of your learning curve! 

What’s the 1 thing keeping you frustrated and stuck? Feel free to share your comments below. 

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