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Daily Distractions Crush Your Business’s Progress

Daily distractions illustrated by a women with varied distractions "dancing" around her head.
How many daily distractions can your business endure before it’s crushed?

Daily Distractions Crush
Your Business’s Progress

Daily distractions are happening everywhere, everyday, and at every moment. Perhaps you’re reading this to create a distraction from what you should be doing right now. Yes? Some of you might be reading it to improve YOUR Business’s Performance or YOUR Performance – that’s great!

Distractions are waiting for us to engage with them. All Business Owners are tempted by nonstop daily distractions. The difference between successful Business Owners and mediocre Business Owners may be the difference of who can better manage distractions.

Distractions impede Business’s Performance, thus, its progress. The more people you have working for a business, the more options for daily distractions you experience. So what’s they big deal?

Ongoing Daily Distractions Impede
Concentration Levels

University of California, Irvine conducted a study how digital distractions impede concentration levels. It revealed that for every digital distraction, say looking at Facebook for 3 minutes actually equates to 28+ minutes of mental distractions. It explained that for each distraction it takes approximately 25 minutes to get back to where you were before your broke your concentration level.

The practical impact of this: Your cost is approximately 30 minutes of losing peak performance due to quickly checking in on your social media for only 3 minutes. Now multiply that times four and you’ve lost 2 full hours of potential production if you had quickly checking in four times a day! While checking any digital platform appears to be minimally impacting your rhythm, the fact is it is crushing your momentum.

Don’t be fooled, this is a significant impediment upon your success! This research isn’t exactly new either. For 10 years I’ve been hearing others say this regarding any type of distraction. It appears this study is still confirming that each distraction derails us for about 25-30 minutes after we try to get back to work.

What distractions are you overlooking that have become commonplace throughout your work day?

TIP: Your self-discipline is the key to breaking this bad habit. The best way to do this is to simply go cold turkey. There’s no such thing of weaning yourself when you’re addicted. Yes, addicted. I know, it’s hard to hear this and yes, I’m giving you straight talk. Make the change happen and you’ll be please with YOUR Business getting its momentum back on the success train.

Which one of your daily distractions is impeding YOUR Business Success the most? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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p.s. Have courage. YOUR Business deserves your best behavior. Start: one by one minimizing distractions ASAP.

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  1. Great post Maggie. I need the reminder about distractions, at least once a week! hahaha
    You did mention this, but it bears repeating….. when you are distracted you lose your momentum. This is really important to stress. We want to stay on track and keep the momentum going to make real progress!


    1. Thanks Barbara Marie! May I offer a suggestion? Try working in a concentrated manner for an hour, than take a 15 minute break. Then come back and do another high performance round 🙂

  2. I was finding that articles on LinkedIn and Facebook posts, were distracting me so now I try to leave them to the end of my day- after dinner. Nothing there is a priority or the person would send an e-mail or call.
    I’m also trying to incorporate 1 hr total focus on one project task but guess I’ll have to use a timer since I get in the zone and don’t stop for that 10 min. walk away.

    1. Great idea to get a timer. I do that too when I know I’m diving deep into a project. That way I have to stop, walk away, and even get another glass of water! Nice job on self-managing Claudia. Keep up the great work!

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