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Improve business by being a lifelong learner

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Are you a Small Business Owner AND Lifelong Learner?

Improve business by being
a lifelong learner

Lifelong learner should be the secondary title of all Small Business Owners (SBOs). When a SBO builds their business there are many strategies and techniques which vy for their attention. One of the ongoing jobs of an SBO is to assure they are learning what’s best to improve their Business’s Performance.

Small Business Owner: ongoing learning process

The pace of the 21st century business is staggering. It requires SBOs to move in many directions at the same time. Understanding what delivers YOUR Business to its next level is essential to stay in the game. We need to be in a state of perpetual exploration to learn what is going to serve our business and customers best.

The best way to always be on the look out is to fully adapt the role of lifelong learner as a SBO. It’s your job to be listening, tinkering, refining what makes your business operate optimally.  

This week, all the learners are back in school. Isn’t it time you do the same for you and YOUR Business’s success? The following is updated portions from a blogpostI originally published on Sept. 4, 2013.

Today’s task: Remember it’s time to be a lifelong learner this week.

Come yesterday morning all the children were back in classes. There has been a great deal of chatter among adults about feeling like there is a fresh start once Labor Day appears.

I too have this same sense of freshness when I flip the calendar to September. So I pondered, “What is this about?” Is it the sound of school buses making their  pick-ups in the morning? Maybe it’s the new wardrobe – trading sandals for fashionable shoes and boots?

Could it be that every product at the office supply stores is on sale? Perhaps the cooler weather when we wake-up in the morning is what invigorates us. It could be a different answer for everyone, with each one being accurate!

Back to School Mentality for Adults

We all hold conscious and unconscious memories. I believe one of the memories we hold as a society is:  going back to school is a fresh start – sort of a “do-over” for each of us! As students, we literally have a clean slate. We all have As for grades the day we go back to school and then it’s up to each individual to maintain it.

Today, are you giving your business performance an A+ and then working to maintain it for the rest of the year? You may want to try this very elementary approach to success.

Allow your Right Thoughts of successful business drive your Right Actions to be successful at business. 

Back to School for YOUR Business

Review your business through the eyes of a new student beginning a new school year:

  1. Do you have all your supplies?
  2. Do you have a new notebook or laptop/tablet?
  3. Is your desk and floor clean?
  4. Do you have a place to record all your homework or action items?
  5. Have you signed up for a couple of new courses to help your business grow and generate an even greater profit margin?

You don’t need to pay a hefty tuition. Instead get the mindset, supplies, and teacher to help you achieve YOUR Business Goals this year. Then do your homework (action items) each day. Being a good student will support YOUR Business’s Growth. Ready to become an A Student in YOUR Business?

What challenge is your business offering you to learn today? What’s the one thing you enjoy about being a lifelong learner? Please share in the comments section.


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