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Business Allies Help Your Small Business’s Reach

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Business Allies illustrated by name badge and work book for Influencer's Intensive.
Developing Business Allies is essential to seriously committed Small Business Owners.

Business Allies Help Your Small Business’s Reach

Do you wish you could get in front of more people?
Are you feeling alone in your business adventures?
Interested in building long lasting relationships?

Business Allies can help YOUR Small Business grow beyond your current reach. Aren’t you looking for new customers? Sure you are. Developing relationships with Business Allies is essential for you to improve YOUR Business Performance.

Sometimes we forget how our small business is like a baby and needs many care providers. Yes, you, as the owner of the business are its primary caretaker. However, there are times you need additional assistance. 

Babies needs plenty of hands on deck or its parents will burn-out. Sometimes we have other family members, friends, neighbors, babysitters, or teachers help our baby’s development and growth. Good parents understand they need a team to raise a child. 

Guess what? YOUR Small Business is no different. You, too, need a team.

I’m not talking about the folks that you outsource your work to keep YOUR Business functioning. (Even though I have one who became one – thank you Keith Klein of On Your Mark.)  I’m talking about Center of Influences who can introduce you to new topics, ideas, and people. 

Who are YOUR Business Allies?

Business Allies, according to our application, are people who will help you and YOUR Business’s Ambitions grow via creating new connections and wisdom-sharing.

Last week I had the honor of being a guest at a Mel Abraham Event: The Influencer’s Intensive. I was invited by one of my business allies, Lori Bonaparte of True You In Action, to whom I am grateful. Why? Mel developed an exceptional event for us to experience. 

Not only was the training over-the-top and the gathering well organized, it felt like a family was being createdd. And this family is one of very high quality business allies and friends in the making. I was impressed!

During our several days together many new relationships were forged. While others are still being developed to find their sweet spot.

Other Influencers already know relationship building is essential. It helps them get their message out into the world at a much faster rate than if they continued to stay isolated. Do you know and act on this?

Why Business Allies Matter

Business Allies understand you are on a mission. They are willing to help you get your message and/or expertise further into the world by providing appropriate introductions. Does YOUR Business need this? Sure it does!

Regardless of the success level, every business needs Business Allies. The difference is; over time you become more selective as to who you select to be an team member.  

Think back to the World War II. There were strategic reasons why the Allies united. Each brought a different strength and capabilities to the mission. As you build Your Business Allies Team, make sure you have a great blend of strengths to support YOUR Business Vision and Mission.

TIP: You may find your expectations aren’t met by some allies. Downgrade them – don’t disregard them. It’s OK to do this if they don’t have a strong enough capability or willingness to effectively support Your Business Vision and Mission. 

REMEMBER: Other Small Business Owners are looking for Business Allies too! If their request is appropriate, remember to serve up your awesome to them as well. There’s two sides to this strategy. Master both sides and you win B-I-G!

START TODAY:  Be a good Business Leader of YOUR Business. Who are 3 people you can reach out to this week to begin YOUR Business Allies conversation? Make it happen. Also remember to ask them how you may serve them.

Do you have any successes with Business Allies that you’d like to share? Any questions? Please feel free to make a comment. I respond to comment.


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