January 13


YOUR Business Purpose and this week’s spacewalk

YOUR Business Purpose illustrated through the precision of preparing for a Galactic Spacewalk at the International Space Station. Image of European Astronaut from Britain wearing his space suit while still inside the station.
YOUR Business Purpose and a Galactic Spacewalk Commonalities? Clarity, Direction, & Profit!

YOUR Business Purpose and
this week’s spacewalk

YOUR Business Purpose Matters!
What does NASA’s / International Space Station
Spacewalk have to do 
with YOUR Business Purpose?

YOUR Business Purpose is one element of YOUR Business’s Foundation. Without knowing YOUR Business’s Purpose, you are not performing the tasks you need to for YOUR Business to be optimized… highly profitable with minimal resources expended.

We have a unique event happening this Friday in our galaxy. Both NASA and ESA will have an astronaut take a spacewalk outside of the International Space Station. Yesterday’s big news was how the astronaut suits are properly fitted. I pondered why this point in their preparations was significant.

Of course it matters! A space suit’s precise fit will help an astronaut’s performance – oxygen, gravitation, and literally movement capability will all be optimized with a proper fitting space suit. I’m sure there’s much more to it, but this is what I came up with instantly.

What’s the connection between YOUR Business’s Purpose
and NASA’s / International Space Station Spacewalk?

YOUR Business Purpose is the single sentenced statement which guides everything you, as a Business Owner, are doing. Or at least it should. YOUR Business Purpose isn’t YOUR Vision Statement, which is longer and gives a clear picture of what you are striving to achieve. It will serve you well to consider YOUR Business Purpose as a “non-sexy one-liner of why the business exists”.

You know we enjoy oversimplifying here. Think of it this way, “We open the doors to “help _____ do ______.” That’s it, YOUR Business Purpose is nothing more. OK, there is more – much more to landing this one-liner with clarity. There is some more science and art attached to creating a solid Business Purpose. FYI: most people, consultants, and coaches are doing it incorrectly!

How does the International Space Station (ISS) relate to YOUR Business? If the ISS didn’t have a clear purpose for what the astronauts are going to do, they wouldn’t perform the spacewalk! Why? It would be a waste of resources. It would cost them time, money, oxygen, suits, etc. It would be frivolous because there isn’t a benefit to support the existence of the ISS. This is the same for YOUR Business.

BRILLIANT BREAKTHROUGHS BIG QUESTION: If you are doing something which doesn’t directly support why YOUR Business exists, should you be doing it? 

BRILLIANT BREAKTHROUGHS BIG TIP: Short answer – no. If you are doing something which doesn’t support YOUR Business’ Purpose, Vision, or Mission you should stop immediately!

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p.s. Go to NASA.gov to see some great images and learn about the unprecedented events occurring with the space programs and the ISS spacewalk.

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