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Release 1 Old Habit & Add 1 New Favorable Habit

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Small Business Owners, it’s time for change: Release 1 old habit and start a new one!

Release 1 Old Habit & Add 1 New Favorable Habit
for a Stronger 2018

Release 1 old habit – unfavorable habit, to begin the new year stronger is great advise for anyone to improve Business Performance. But there’s so many options to do this, which one should you choose?

Small Business Owners (SBOs) this is your golden opportunity! Should you release a big arduous unfavorable habit or tackle something more practical to assure success? 

There’s two schools of thought on goals. First: Go big or go home. Second: Incremental change is sustainable. And I’ll introduce you to a third.

Release 1 Old Habit Strategies

1) Go BIG or Go Home! 
This strategy is simple in theory and difficult for many to successfully execute. If you’re going to go through the process to make sustainable change, why not make that change YOUR Game-changer? After all, you need to go through the same steps of breaking an unfavorable habit, right? If successfully achieved, this strategy creates a significant Business Performance improvement.

2) Incremental Change is Sustainable 
This strategy is simpler to execute for most people. Why? It’s easier to manage change in practical steps. If one falters, it’s easy to get back on the right path again with minimal adjustments. Also, it’s difficult for many folks to go cold turkey with their old habits; therefore, they’ll surrender back into that old habit – even it it’s unfavorable.

3) Multiple Incremental Changes is a Third Option 
This is great for someone who wants to play big by simultaneously cleaning up many unfavorable habits which impact different aspects of life and/or business performance and satisfaction. If you’re a SBO who wants to release several (smaller) unfavorable habits instead of one, this could be your preferred strategy. This allows you to simultaneously move multiple performance needles and could create as big of a gain as the Go Big strategy.

RELEASING TIP: In some cases, your solution to releasing an old unfavorable habit could be as simple as doing the opposite (if doing something – stop it OR if not doing something – start it). In other cases you may need to create a new (favorable) ritual to help you release what is no longer serving you.

LOCK IT IN: Add 1 Favorable New Habit

Releasing some unfavorable habit/s will serve you well. You will excel and YOUR Business’s Performance will improve. SBOs truly need to embrace this as a constant to support their success – it matters!

Want to know what will really help your mind get into the type of thinking (Right Thoughts) you need to rock YOUR Business’s Performance and YOUR Performance? Add 1 new and favorable habit! Why does this matter so much?

Whereas releasing an old habit may feel like a loss; adding 1 new habit will be inspiring.

This inspiration will encourage you to stick to your plan to bring in a good thing. YOUR new Right Thoughts will support you taking Right Actions to fulfil YOUR Vision of Success

TIP: This is very important because when we release something, it creates a void. Unfortunately, we tend to fill those voids with anything. When you create a favorable habit, you not only gain from this beneficial habit, it also supports your success rate of releasing an old habit/s.

REMEMBER: You control how you show up for YOUR Business and YOUR Life. Don’t be wimpy – start today! Accept the invitation below.


Gift YOUR Business and yourself by clicking YOUR NO-cost Consultation with Maggie for a laser coaching session on this topic. This could be the one thing you do to get you over the hump that’s snagging YOUR Business from living into its potential.

Even if you don’t reach out for help, know it’s essential for YOU to do this for YOUR Business’s Success. Either way, get busy and create YOUR Brilliant Breakthroughs yourself!

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section. Hey, I’m curious: What’s happened in the past when you’ve tried to create new habits? Do you prefer the Go Big or Incremental Strategy to release 1 old habit? I do both! One big goal and then other smaller behaviors I need for shifting my performance to a more graceful way of leading my business and my life. 


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p.s.: Start a new way of being any time of the year! The truth is you just need to start with releasing 1 old habit and adding 1 new and favorable habit. Now go get busy!

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