Envisioning Next Year Business as Most Successful Yet (updated)

By Maggie Mongan | Goals

Dec 22
Business Coaching of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Are you envisioning next year to be successful? Illustrated by women on mountain range looking outward through binoculars.

Small Business Owners make time for envisioning next year to actively support achieving goals.

Envisioning Next Year as YOUR Most Successful Business Year Yet!

Envisioning next year doesn’t have to be difficult…
What would you like to envision in YOUR new year?
Do you know how to envision?

Are you ready to have your most successful year YET?

Envisioning is the first step to actualizing what you seek. YOUR Business Success and Performance depends upon this one activity much more than you every could imagine.

Since our last post guided you to learn what all Small Business Owners should be doing the Week of Christmas, why not do a little shift now and focus on envisioning next year as your most successful year yet?

I ask you, “Why can’t this coming year be even more successful?”

Envisioning Next Year as TOTALLY AWESOME

Brilliant Breakthroughs Envisioning Next Year Big Question:
Regardless of what this year delivers, can you begin envisioning next year as even more successful?

What does “more successful” look like for you? Spend time on how how it looks and feels for you – this is the amplifier when you envision.

Are you seeing (envisioning) more revenue, improved or automated systems, more clients, greater profit margin, less hours, more self and family time, a spiritual quest, more travel, or more clarity and confidence? Whatever your “even more successful” is, start envisioning next year and begin supporting it right now.

Envisioning Next Year Prep

Many of the psychologists, depending upon which school you believe, claim it takes 21 or 30 days to create a new habit.

I completely disagree! (This shouldn’t be a shocker to my regular followers, as you know I debunk many myths.) I believe a habit forms the first moment you make a choice to step into it and all your actions are fortifying and confirming your choice.

Have you decided what you want to experience next year?

What will make it more successful to you? This one is all about you. Why? You alone have choices to make about your outcomes.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Envisioning Next Year Tip

Whatever your “it” is, that you wish to actualize next year, write “it” down now.

For over a decade, all the research reveals that writing “it” down brings you closer to actualizing your “it”. Write down everything you know about your “it”. Also write down what you need to support your “it”.

Now that you have create a vision of what YOUR Next Year looks like, you are ready for the next steps. Get busy putting your support system in place for next year. Being able to step into your new reality is a powerful action. There’s nothing like aligning actions and strategies for next year’s vision!

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Are you seeking a good movie to watch over the holidays to learn how someone utilized envisioning to accomplish the impossible? Review our Business Movie Review of Salmon Fishing on the Yemen  and then watch the movie. It’s a real treat!

 Inspiring Quotes of Envisioning Next Year to Support YOUR Success:

 “The power of imagination makes us infinite.”
~ John Muir

“Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you can choose to be.”
~ Joy Page

 “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something,
you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.”
~Arnold Schwarzenegger

What topics would you like me to address to assist YOUR Business Success? Feel free to share in the comments section.


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p.s. This week, this Coach is doing her business’s final round of  “envisioning next year” to its fullest. Come on, join me!

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