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What should Small Business Owners do the week of Christmas?

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Working the week of Christmas for Small Business Owners. Illustrated by a star burst showing the way.
Small Business Owners: This is how you work the week of Christmas!

What should Small Business Owners do the week of Christmas?

Welcome to the week of Christmas! Here’s a question I’m asked all the time by Small Business Owners (SBOs), “What should I work on this week of Christmas?” It’s a good question and may determine if YOUR Business Performance wraps up the year on a bang instead of a bust!

When I was an Executive Recruiter, I was taught: “Don’t stop for anything!”

This wisdom has served me well over the past 20 years, and once again I share it with you. I’ll add a caveat: Shift some of your activities to be ones of good cheer.

The week of Christmas is a great time to be working. I know you want to push back on that big time – just give me a moment please.

Why work the Week of Christmas?

  1. People don’t want to work, so they’ll make time for you.
  2. Almost everyone is more amiable this time of year – get your “yes” with less effort.
  3. People appreciate learning about upcoming events.

Yes, this is all about working with a trend. Everyone’s focus is all about the holidays and holiday cheer. Align and join them.

What to do the Week of Christmas?

  1. Call old clients/customers, or potential customers, for quick light-hearted touch-ins.
  2. Drop by customers, or potential customers, for visit with coffee or hot cocoa.
  3. Meet customers, or potential customers, for a meal to get caught up and chill out.

Everyone is slowing down this week- you shouldn’t. Just change your activities a little bit to meet your marketplace where they are during this week and next.

Additional Business Support Activities for YOUR Business…

This week and next are great weeks to get caught up on all sorts of things around your workplace. You want to close out the year strong. If you aren’t gifting customers with appreciation, what could you still do to make that happen in-house?

  1. Work ahead creating awesome blogs, videos, social media posts?
  2. Work ahead on completing anything you still need for next year’s new projects?
  3. Begin preparing for your accountant visit?
  4. Workplace tidy up?
  5. Dream just a little bigger as to what you could make happen next year?

Of course, the priority to any week throughout the year is to take on the activities which get you closest to a sale or generating revenue. And when your marketplace doesn’t want to play like that, shift to what’s in this post. You’ll be highly productive and YOUR Future Business Success will be more secure because of these activities.

If you’d like to stay productive during the holidays and spend time chilling out watching some movies, check out our Business Movie Reviews of Holiday movies and have some productive fun.

Home Alone
Christmas with the Kranks
Angels Sing
The Christmas Card
Bad Santa

Polar Express

Enjoy and have oodles of fun during this most wonderful time of the year!

What are you doing this week that’s productive and setting-up your Future Business for Success? Feel free to share in the comments section to help other readers learn.


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p.s. Remember: get your work done efficiently so you can enjoy this time of year!

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  1. Great advice Maggie! Thank you! I’m doing a little remodelling, office declutter, and some relaxing work like reading. I think I’ll celebrate my accomplishments for the year too!

    Merry Christmas!

    Stacy Kaat Photography
    Building your Business Personality with Confidence!

  2. Nice article! It is early Friday morning and I am in front of the computer working away. Trying to get the last minute website changes made, wrapping up projects to clear them off my calendar, and even getting some new blog posts written ahead of time. I am even working on my guest blogger program that I have wanted to start for quite some time, just never found the time.

    However, I will be leaving the keyboard soon to spend so much needed time with friends and family. Big challenge of finding that balance of work and life….something I struggle with all the time. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Erik and welcome to our Blog Comments. Hopefully you accomplished all you set out to achieve! Glad to hear you are actively creating more balance in your work and life. You might want to check out some of my posts on taking breaks and vacationing and how they actually improve productivity. Just place those words in the search bar once you’re on the blog page and you’ll see more than a handful of posts to assist you. Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year to you!

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